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I have a sativa dominate pineapple express that has been flowering for 14 weeks and hardly has any trichomes. What am I doing wrong?! I have heard that some strains can take up to 18 or even 22 weeks to finish, but this has me extremely worried that I've spent 14 weeks flowering crap! It stinks and is slightly sticky to the touch, but overall extremely disappointing. Any advice or tips would be welcome. I only have a small set up with 400 watt has bulb and organic nutrients. Temp and humidity are where they should be. Well I think humidity is high at 40%, but hubbs thinks it's fine. Temp is 76°F.


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You just have to host the picture on this site. No outside links.
Click on the gallery tab on the left of the upper main header
Once there (looks like a data page) click on upload at the bottom.
Sinced yohr logged in already it uploads to your gallery.
Choose up to ten photos a n upload and follow the process.
Once photo uploaded simply right click the photo, open image in new tab.
Copy the html address for the photo
Then post away using the img button in the reply box and paste. The img button is the Lil picture frame with a tree in it. 4th from the right


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There is a link in my signature telling you how to upload photos.

Genetics would be my guess as to why, not all seeds from a mother have the exact same profile. I recently had one that did not seem to produce any THC although it was quite resin packed.

The link you provided dead ends anyway.
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