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Trichomes and BUD development?


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Hey Hey everyone

Well here I am my first go at this and I dont think i am doing to bad, to follow my other threads and grow info Update and holy smokes

From my last post my plants have shot a bit over 4 ft and forced me to move my over head light up.... plant 1 is a beast as far as size and she is gonna be my winner plants 2 and 3 dont really seem to be pushing bud sites very strange. Plant 3 just keeps rocketing up plant 4 is hidden but is at about 20inches now and show a few ok bud sites.

It should be noted now special techniques were used just straight hydro grow now lst supercropping sog ect....

Now to my question. Im going to focus my questions to plant 1.

Im at day 23 into flowering and I have a ton of smaller BUD sites, is there a main reason I am not really seeing the huge/bigger cola that I see from other growers mine are spread out all over the plant the largest with no gaps is prob about 1 inch but I have a lots of different spots budding.

Now as far as budding is should I be seeing more Trichome production than what I have? I have only really spotted 2 spots where Trichomes are sprouting and its nothing drastic. I know Genetics play a major role but is there anything environmental I could do to help increase trichrome production.

Ill post a time line photo progression for my main cola and when I say main this is the top on the plant, ill show you the limited trichomes I see, and a over head shot.

day 11

day 14

day 17

day 19

day 21

day 22

day 23

day 23 different view

All the pics are the main cola some slightly different viewing points sorry.

Ok now for the trichome its right in the middle they just sprouted look in the area shaped like a V on the underside on the flower.

now an over head view dont mind the date in the pic and the plant in question #1 takes up most of the left portion of the pic. #2 and 4 is kind of hidden in this pic, plant 3 is the tall lanky one on the right

See no big cola but alot of mini bud spots

So to recap

Is it normal to have alot of smaller buds for day 23.

How do I help increase trichrome production.

Should there be way more trich by day 23?

What happens if I hit 10 weeks flowering and I dont seem any improvement in trich production is it trash???

Lastly is it to soon to worry lol.

Thanks everyone.


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Re: Trichomes and BUD development ???

to soon to worry. By the looks at them girls.. and the days they are on.. they are doing just fine.. as time goes on.. they will produce more. :peace2:


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Re: Trichomes and BUD development ???

Being only 23 days into flowering, you will have to give it a bit more time to start seeing more vigorous production of the buds. I'm sure they will fatten up quite a bit.

As for more trichome production, you could add one or two of the UVB reptile lights that are for sale at pet stores and it should speed up the process of producing more trichs. I use two of the 26w cfl 10.0 UVB lites but am unsure if it does in fact produce more trichs cus I didn't have another grow going without them at the same time.


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Re: Trichomes and BUD development ???

Using a "Carbo" additive will greatly increase trichome production. I use from the day I go 12/12 and push it heavy near the end, my buds are always sugar coated. Genetics does play into it as well.

my 2 cents.



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Very cool I happen to be into reptiles myself so I have extra uvb 10.0 lights Ill hook em up and give them a try More lighting cant hurt anyways. I have heard about the carbo loads I will read up on them to learn more and see if my store I use has any of them and yes I will try to chill a bit. Im just so amazed every time I take a peek at them It turns into a photo shoot lol.

Thanks again for all your input
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