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trichomes - clear or cloudy?


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Trichome newbie here. I'm hoping to try this method to determine when to harvest. I have a couple of questions that I hope someone can help with. I have just taken a few pic' of a Krinkle and I believe the trichomes are clear. Am I correct? How closely should I monitor them? Do they change rapidly or over a week or so? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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They look like a mix of cloudy and clear.

I would look up my strain to know the breeders recommended flowering time and start checking one week before the earliest week they recommend.

Every 2-3 days to start, then daily when you think they are getting really close.

Every strain is different.


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Thank you for your help. Krinkle is a hard one to research, appears to be a rather guarded secret. I am also working with a Pineapple Chunk, there is plenty of info on this strain. For learning purposes, I guess it would be best to use it instead. From my calculations and strain info, she should be ready by the end of Sept. (3 more wks). What are your thoughts based on the following images? Appreciate any tips, advice or thoughts.

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