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Trichomes Vs. Bud Size and Harvet Time


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Hello to all..

Been growing for years and have always harvested based on hair color...

Lately, I have been using a microscope and have discovered a whole new world of trichomes... Nothing like harvesting to get the exact buzz you are looking for:rasta:

I like to harvest when 30% of the trichs have turned amber. If I pull at this time becuz i like the buzz, does that mean i am losing out on size if I waited til 50% of the hairs were amber?
My question is a what point does a bud reach max size?

I know that there are lots of factors, but just looking for a general answer....


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but is BUD SIZE the same at 50/50 as opposed to 30/70? I know potency will be a little different but I'm wondering at what point to the buds stop growing...

I may be asking the question wrong...

Here is an example....

I have hail mary that is about 20%amber... If I let it go to 50%, will the buds continue to get bigger or do i just get the more stoned than high?


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good question,,,, i'll also be waiting for an answer.... but,,, i would think they would get a tiny bit bigger but not alot,,,,, anyone know for sure??


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From what I have heard, yes, it does add weight. However as stated, this is at the expense of potency (past a certain point).

I feel as if I have heard that commercial growers let them go extra specifically for the weight addition, as the weight is more important than potency in that situation.
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