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Tricky problem


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This is a real noodle scratcher. It has to be my tap water, which comes from a well in our town. I know it has high mineral content. My best guess is a lockout from excess calcium. It always crops up and more so the smaller the container. I gave everyone a light epsom salt foliar this morning and I am thinking of flushing with distilled water tomorrow.

I've looked and looked at the deficiency and problem charts and can't nail it down.




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That's P-K def in mid-stage flowering.
Your salts in tap are out of whack.... or your ph is running higher than 7 out fo the tap, I'v seen the wetness do it like this.....

As long and those brown marks are not bug related..... blahm..... answered. PK........

I would let it dry out a bit and then add 1/4 strength nutes with the emphasis on P-K....... I'd ph the water down to 6.2 and let em have it.......


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I think you might have hit the nail on the head yourself already that it might be calcium locking out other stuff. Try giving a good watering w/only ph'd ro or distilled water with a goodly amount of runoff and go from there.
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