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Tricky's 420 Grow 6 Automazar 600 Watt Dual Spectrum 18lt Pots Canna Terra Pro


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Hello everyone I have just joined and about to start my first grow and thought I would share with the experts here on 420 loving this site with all the knowledge from all over the world [emoji289].
6 automazar
600 watt hps dual spectrum
Canna terra professional medium
Canna terra grow and bloom
18 litre pots
2 clip on fans 6 inch
1 oscillating fan
1.2 metre by 1.2 metre black orchard tent

Will be posting pics up soon should be breaking out from ground say tomorrow well hopefully fingers crossed [emoji16].

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Re: Trickys 420 grow 6 automazar 600 watt dual spectrum 18 litre pots canna terra pro


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Why are you using hps for veg? It'll cause stretching. Mh gives tighter node spacing.
Some even claim it will cause more males.
My two cents.


Metal halide will supply blue light helping with tighter nodes and maybe a little faster veg growth. When i run HID i always run HPS from beginning to end. I use a scrog net so stretch isnt an issue. Im using leds now and im thinking of going with a decent COB array at some point.


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I will get a mh bulb then just use my dual spectrum hps for flowering , I'm going to take the plunge and top all 6 autos , my mate has same set up and same strain automazar but I'm not telling him I'm going to top so hopefully I blow his out the water on the yield [emoji6][emoji16]
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