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Tricome's first journal


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Hi all. Been wanting to start a journal for a while after checking out all the great ones here.
I am starting from good but unknown bag seeds.
Medium= soil-less mix (55%Canadian sphagnum peat,perlite,vermiculite), and a water farm
Nutrients= GH 1 part powder,liquid,and kool bloom powder,tiger bloom,superthrive
Lights= veg:100w cfl x3---flower:250w hps
Fans Ect.=flower room-air cooled reflector, intake open to room (passive intake),exhaust from reflector to inline fan to new Odor Sock,also have a/c ducted into room to keep cool,and temp/rh meter veg room-none, open environment

Ok, I've got a few plants in varying stages. My flower room is full for another 2 or 3 weeks, so I've got 4 plants I'm trying to hold back until they can get in there.I've got 10 seeds going. So far 3 have popped root, and 3 have popped up. As for the 4 hold backs; I'm sexing the two oldest. One of which looks male. I have been toping them to make them more bushy, and keep them from getting too tall before they go in the veg room. The two smaller ones are root bound I believe. I haven't transplanted because I'm trying to stunt they're growth. Once again; hold backs.


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The other plants are my brother's peppers.



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well, the one in question turned out to be male.

The other one still has not shown sex.

Two more seeds have popped up.


Moved one seedling into Water Farm with seedling strength liquid GH.

I used an old tray dome to make splash guards. when running, the Water Farm splatters out of the container.


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Thanx, KillAton.
Yea, those two are still in veg. I'm trying to hold them back, as my flower room is still full.
They're 16" tall. I have them in pots that are too small to slow there growth until they can fit into flower room. Then I'll transplant. The other, large plant is 18" tall, and in a make-shift flowering room, because it is so large and to sex it.


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Be careful that seedling isn't stretching out to much. I just lost like 8 seedlings cause I let them stretch to much, that sucked.


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hey tric,, very nice healthy looking plants you got there,,
bummer on the male tho,,
looks like a nice tidy, clean and organized grow setup too,,


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Hello, estranged, Harry Red, and l8tnightskunk. Thanx for the compliments; glad you're along for the ride.
LOL Yea, l8tnight, we started growing about the same time. He has built a homemade flood and drain system, uses BC, and his habenaro plant out grew the closet!


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Well, all 10 seeds sprouted; which is not what I expected! Now I have too many sprouts and nowhere to put them. Oh well. I'll figure it out.
Here's a flowering room update.



Added extra light in the shady spot

I found a lawnmower air filter that fits right in the intake of the reflector. The light and ducting were getting dusty. Also, to protect new odor sock.


I have a small problem with the large-still unsexed-plant. The large fan leaves are wilting and "thinning" on the edges. Any ideas?

Everything else is looking good.


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Well, I messed up and left my extra light on last night. 3 1/2 hours after lights out. It's plugged into the timer now.(what I should have done in the 1st place:p)
The other large plant is female!
In the flower room; it looks like I have a seed.

It looks like all (except the scraggly bait bucket plant) are herms. Yellow petals.

I start flushing 3 plants next week.

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Garden looking very good. How is the OdorSok working for you?
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