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Trimming buds, wet or dry?

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what is the popular consensus? is it better to trim your buds wet or dry? is there a benefit of doing it either way? I just thought I would put this up as a topic of discussion


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for me it depends on the time of year
in the summer I give them a good trim right at harvest(higher r/h in drying area)
in the winter I let them hang as cut,removing nothing,it allows them to dry slower(low r/h)
then i go back,after 4-6 days and clean them up.its a hassle but if I didn't then they would be dry in a day or so,harsh as hell
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Do you think you possibly lose some trichomes from the bud by trimming dry? It may sound silly but I have often wondered.


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for sure man,but what i do,I have a trim table set up,i put Saran wrap down, then it catches all the trimmings they go from there to make edibles,or into the freezer then I use them later in a blasting session

back in the 80's we did not use gloves,and man the "finger gum" that you would scrape of your hands was awesome,like a ball of hash

now I do use gloves and as soon as im finished for the day,the gloves and scissor go into the freezer scrape next morning and smoke:3
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God I remember those days! 70's and early 80's. Napal hash was done with hand rubbing sticky plants and some Lebanese was from scraping the resin off the inside of an adobe hut. Ah the good old days. So yeah, that was little hash nuggets on your sticky fingers! ;)


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Wet as sugar leaves do not stick to the calyxes and budz dry quicker. I also scrub hash off my scissors and smoke it straight away to keep going :Hookah: That's the one I trimmed yesterday.

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Very nice! I'm leaning towards a wet trim as opposed to dry myself. It only makes sense that it will dry quicker.
wet, and a final small trimming when they dry. I leave a bit of moisture in the stem, and then cure them. Burping a few times, making sure the humidity in the jar stays around 62%.

Leaving the stems a tad bit moist allows the bud to not dry out and crumble. Just make sure to burp the jar if the humidity goes up.

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Trim when wet :Namaste:

Slow air dry for aprox 10 to 14 days...

I normal run a dehumidifier for first few days to lower RH, i live in damp part of world (average RH 60% to 70% indoors) & some times bud rot can occur when slow air drying the dense main colas...

Currently hanging buds in tent with with extraction fan running 24/7 & passive intake for slow air dry, direct air flow from a fan may cause uneven drying !

Dehumidifier lowers RH to average 50% to 55% for first few days, temps around 20c to 23c average, after that i turn dehumidifier off & slow air dry between 60% to 70% RH with temps between 18c to 20c...

Some 10 to 14 days later i find stem snap suitable for curing process of around another 2 weeks, burping jars twice daily for aprox 20 min's each time.

Drying to fast can trap chlorophyll & other pigments in the bud leading to a harsh taste... if the drying process is low RH the bud may crumble to easy so the curing process & correct storage of bud can restore suitable RH of bud for a good smoke :high-five:
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Well I just did my cut as a wet cut. You guys have made me a convert...lol. Since I normally make a dry cut, I will compare this one to my previous cuts and let you know what I think.
I myself have always preferred to trim while wet. I have done both but i personally feel that you loose some trichomes in the process when you trim dry. also it is easier in my experiences to do it while wet. As for the drying process i prefer a slow cool dry. about 8-12 days depending on the plants thickness and just to the point where the stem can nearly break. A little moisture in the stem is a good thing. keeps it from drying out and adds goodness to your bud during the finale curing process which my favorite is to put it into a jar and allowing it to breath a bit each day. i always store the jars in a cool very dark place.