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Trimming during flower stage

Blew Hiller

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Nice looking plant! At this point I would leave it alone....she looks very healthy and I would hate for you to somehow affect that. It is better to do all your aggressive pruning in veg ...big plants like that do well with lollipopping which is basically cleaning out all the over undergrowth.

If you see your buds getting smothered and/or shaded definitely get in there and trim out the leaves.


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Hey, awesome tree, BerkBud! :goodjob:
How tall is she?

I would trim her for sure. I remove fan leaves that cover bud sites every day up until about week 5-6 of flowering when she stops producing new leaves. Actually, I remove them all the way to the last day of flowering if they cover a bud site. The same goes for inner/lower branches that I can see will produce nothing - I cut it. The plant will start killing of those branches by itself when it comes closer to finishing anyway. If they don't die by themselves they'll produce very little anyway. I reckon it's better for the plant to spend all of its energy on the thicker healthier branches instead.
(now I got a bad conscience because I have lots of shitty little branches that I should've removed already on my plants...)
Lately I've started to do surgical trimming whenever possible. I remove as little as possible of a fan leaf, and cut only parts of some of the leaf fingers.
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Thanks for info. She’s about 10 to 12 feet high. About 8 to 10 wide. I’ve been trying to tuck as many leaves out of the way that are blocking sunlight. And trimming all dying and yellowing leaves. I’ve also trimmed some leaves as well that I thought were blocking potential bud growth. Right now just hoping weather stays good long enough for them to mature.