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Trimming Machine Hash


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This is an advanced question for the big dogs.

In the old days bud was trimmed by hand and the quality of the shake was high. fan leaves were separated and discarded for the most part. the hash we made was black, sticky and awesome.

ever since the Trimpro came on the scene the shake (leaves) is smashed to bits releasing a lot of organic matter. consequently when you try and make hash from it with ice water extraction it is very green. it is also dry, hard to work with and makes dry, hard crumbly hash. this is contrasted by hash made from sugar trim, bud rot bud or good leaf.... which are all very good still.

We recently upgraded to the Twister trimmer which is a reel blade and much easier on the bud, but the problem remains that the leaf is destroyed and you end up with a big bag of powder and leaf bits.

We did a dry ice extraction with it recently and pulled anywhere from 28g to 45g from a pound. It looks like kief but it is green. in contrast the bud rot and leaf stuff is nice and golden brown, what you want.

my question is does anyone know if this green kief can be made into hash? or maybe it is being used for oils etc?

I tried to hand work some kief like an Aghani pro but it neither blackened up nor started to bind, it just stayed green and kept falling apart. I can't see steaming and pressing it would do any good either.

I am starting to think there is just too much organic matter with machine trim and unless you have the luxury of being able to grade the trim as it comes through the door and discard fan leaves etc hash isn't a viable option anymore.

I have seen the kief they press with the little hand presses and that isn't what I want to produce. i want it black like it should be.

any advice greatly appreciated.

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Just watched the demo on the Twister Trimmer crazy device.

Trimpro ah, a mate just got one of those or some thing just like it to replace his older one of same design he more less toss the trim into the bubble bag with ice/water etc.

Not sure about the rest i'll double check when i see him next.
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