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The Trimpro, Trimbox and Trimpro Automatik are electrical appliances used to remove excess leaves from different types of plants and bushes. Here’s their detailed information

Dismounted machine: 18,2" x 18,2" x 7,4"
Mounted machine: 18,2" x 18,2" x 27,2"
Approximated. Weight: 22 lbs

Packaging: 20,8" x 22" x 12"

Frame & grate material: Aluminium 6061-T6.

Grate types available:
Anti-adhesive grate 1: Small and large slots on the same grate.
Anti-adhesive grate 2: Large slots only.
Blue grate: Small and large slots on the same grate.
Red grate: Large slots only.


Machine: 8,6" (diameter) x 9,2"
Approximated. Weight: 11 lbs
Packaging: 9,6" x 10" x 12,4"
Cylinder material: PVC.

Grid material: Aluminium 6061-T6.

Grate types available:
Anti-adhesive grate 1: Small slots only.
Anti-adhesive grate 2: Large slots only.
Blue grate: Small slots only.
Red grate: Large slots only.


Dismounted structure: 18,2" x 18,2" x 2"
Mounted structure: 18,2" x 18,2" x 27,2"
Approximated Weight: 15 lbs*

Packaging: 21,2" x 21,6" x 5,2"

Grate material: Stainless Steel
Structure material: Aluminium 6061-T6, 1/16" thick.

* WORKSTATION structure only.
Do not include the weight of the TRIMBOX


How to use the machine can change depending on the plant to be used. In most case, the better way is the following: Move the plant back and forth on the grate together with a gradual rotation of the plant
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Sounds alot like the Aardvark (I think thats what it's called). You hook it up to a vaccum and it trims the fan leaves by sucking them into a set of moving blades and then sucks the cut leaves into the vaccum for disposal. Here are my thoughts on this...

1. Your going to have to grow ALOT of plants before this thing becomes practical. Costing 100's of dollars it will only be worth it if you have alot of plants to trim. If your only growing a couple plants then hand trimming is the way to go. It's supposed to save time, but if thats only 30min - 1 hour is that really worth the money?

2. If you trim the close fan leaves with a device like this you are losing alot of material that you could be using to make hash.

3. I prefer hand trimming. You grew the buds with your heart and hands, why let a machine take over at any point?

In conclusion, if you are growing a room full then it's worth it. If you are growing a closet full, then probably not. :peace:


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I grow for multiple Medical MJ cards (patients). I generally have 5-7lbs to trim, so it is getting to be a lot of work during harvest. In the past I have cut down plants and dried/manicured in waves (cutting about 1/3 down at a time). As long as it does a good job and doesn't adversely effect the finished medicine a mechanical solution would be good.


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I have considered getting one but 1400 smakeroos is just a lil steep when there is other equipment I want to purchase. If you get one, please come back with a review hopefully with pics. I would also like to have the opinians of people who have really owned or used this product. I really dislike trimming, seems to go on forever.


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I looked at the Aardvark (mentioned above in this thread). It looks like it might be a good choice too and a bit cheaper (I think the euro prices I saw covert to somewhere around $600). I also spotted a manual crank style trimmer. I never knew they had these things available in the past, just always did it by hand. Either way I am going to try one of them at least. I will be sure to report back. It almost seems necessary in my situation.


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Yeah , i think it's pointless to buy a trimpro. The only trimmer to get if you have any production at all is the The Reel Trimmer . It's good for indoor and outdoor. dosen't hurt the bud or loose the little ones. It can handle 40lbs wet per hour , no shit:adore:


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Trim Box
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Yeah , a little expensive is right:11: I know a guy that has a distibutorship for the manufacture i can get him down to 9800. Still alot of cash but if you have the custom harvesting potential , then it's a good investment. I just paid a grand to use the machine , It did the work of twenty men in a couple hours. :3:


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Yeah i've seen these machines the trimpro and box units , and tried other big units like the rolling thunder and Centurion($22,000) with buddies of mine. There much louder and alot of work still . Esspecially for large loads. These guy's that put this unit together are also making a freeze drier now that can dry and cure 40lbs in 10 hours. Tastes and smokes like a 30 day cure,awsome!


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Yeah , i will , they don't have a site as of yet. They will have a clip of the trimmer in the a week or two.


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It looks like it damages lot of tricromes? Anyone think different.


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Yes this is the biggest problem with machines like the big red shredder,trimpro,and the trim box. The bubs are rubbed over the cutting surface at such a rate that most of the resin is gone and also clogs the blades making them more prone to cleaning and of course loss of quallity. The Reel Trimmer has a longer drum than the other models i've seen doing a good trim in one pass through , without all the friction rubbing action.


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The trimpros beat the hell out of the weed and you lose a ton of your resin. No one uses them around here. The Tumbleweed is the new industry standard here in Humboldt. It also goes by the name Samurai. Check out Urban Growers new video to see the future of weed trimming.
YouTube - Samurai Power Trimmer
I have seen the Tumbleweed trim 100lbs in a day. No Joke. And the weed all looks uniform and perfect. Better than most hand trimmers could make it look. Some buyers only want machine trimmed weed because all the lbs look exactly the same.:peace:

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I finally convinced the Finance Department (Mrs. C) to let me spend some coin on a Trimpro. I got the Rotor model, the one with the leather fingers. I've got to say I'm pretty impressed so far. What was taking me a full day previously, is now taking less than an hour. I'm sure my production will increase as I get more used to it. Now I spend a lot of time watching things roll around and around while I could be bucking the next batch.

The final product is comparable to a Standard Cut trim by hand. I don't see any damage to the buds, and they're still covered with resin when finished. Trimming was done immediately after cutting the plant, so it was still plenty moist and fresh. I don't think I'd want to use it on buds that were already dry with brittle trichs.

Of course, I still trim the top colas by hand as they're too big for the Rotor to be effective. I don't mind a little hand trimming, but was really getting overwhelmed with all of it by hand.

For those who prefer a Connoisseur Cut (no leaves at all), then hand trimming is the only way to go, as the Rotor only performs a Standard Cut & cuts off the leaves even with the bud. Any leaves that are left behind are those deep, resin covered ones.

The "mess" factor is smaller too. All of the trimmings are captured beneath the unit. There is an optional workstation with a bag, but I didn't go that far. These trimmings can be frozen and later turned into hash (The 5-part bubble style bags are what I use for hash - mmmm mmmm good!).

The cost prevents these from being used by everyone, but if your operation has gotten to the point where you're starting to get blurry-eyed by simply picking up a pair of trimming shears, then I'd highly recommend investing in one of these. How much is your time worth?


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The trimpro rotors go for 1435 everywhere online but with the use of coupon code TP50 you can get it $50 off and with free shipping and no taxes at webhydro.com :) Code works on all trimmers but the trimbox. Call for special deals!
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