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Trogoliath's Soil - Northern Lights - Mango Kush - Grow Journal - 2014


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Welcome Kindred Spirit,

This thread was planned as a progress journal, and an open invitation to criticism, opinions and advice.

Please grab a seat, have a smoke and I'll do my best to make this journey easy on the heart and soul alike.

Strain: Northern Lights AF
Current State: Week-2 Veg
Medium: Soil (Fox Farm Ocean Forest + Perlite)
Current Pot: Airpot 1 Gallon
Light: DiamondSeries DS200 LED
Temp: 70-80 F (~ 20-27 C)
RH: 35-50%
Water: RO filtered water (Hydrologic Stealth RO100)
Watering Cycle: whenever pot is dry and/or light to carry
Nutrients: [Available but not used yet] Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow 3/2/4 + Pure Blend Pro Bloom 1/4/5 + Cal_Mag + Liquid Karma
Misc Info: Open Closet Grow (no ventilation or air filtration installed yet). walls covered with masking tape in preparation for Mylar film installation)


Log Entry #1:
After 3 days in Basic Training (i.e. paper towel germination), 2 soldiers (i.e. seeds) have been successfully germinated (Northern Lights AF + Sweet Mango Kush) and are awaiting further orders.

High Command did not waste anytime. The 2 soldiers were already assigned their very first mission: Infiltrate enemy lines and assimilate into their culture (1-litre Airpots) on April 20.

One week after having left their home base, with great sadness in my heart, I regret to inform you that private Mango was Killed In Action. A memorial service was held, but the mission is still a go due to private Lights' competency.

High Command (heartless as ever) has already commissioned the training of Mango's replacement. Training began on April 27 and is expected to come to a close on April 30, at which the troops will be back at 100% strength.


Herein lies, on the left, private mango's memorial.

This is an aerial view of behind the enemy lines taken by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle:

Trogoliath: Over and out.


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Log Entry #2:
Since my last post, I've noticed the Northern Lights to be growing consistently. The second leaf of the large(er) set was delayed in growth due to the seed's shell being stubborn to give way, but now it's moving on nicely.

I've only watered during that time lapse, but today I've noticed the base of the largest leaf started curling up inwards. How can I treat that and stop it from getting worse?

Could it be the fact I haven't started my nutrients regiment? Is it the fact that I'm using pure RO water without additives? Or is it simply an underwatering symptom?

- Trog



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Log Entry #3:

Since the last update, I've improved air circulation inside the (semi-open) closet. I've also noticed, today, a dull green patch formed up on the curling-up leaf and deduced it was due to light burn. I moved the light source 2-3 inches higher as a result.

Today also marks the first day using nutes. I mixed up pureblend pro soil grow, liquid karma and cal-mag and watered the Northern Lights.

Note: Sweet Mango seed is very slow to germinate. Only the tip is barely showing out of the seed shell. I'll wait 1 more day and check again.



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Log Entry #4

The sick leaf is getting sicker. The dull green color patch has now become brown(ish) in color and spread to the other side of the leaf!

What is this thing? how can it still be light burn after I've moved the lights 3 inches away yesterday night? I didn't think that was possible with LED lights...

Perhaps it's calcium deficiency (but I used Cal-Mag in yesterday's watering)?

What if I cut the problematic leaf - before the symptoms spread to the other ones? Would the plant take the stress this early in its life?




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Re: Trogoliath's Soil - Northern Lights - Grow Journal - 2014

Entry Log #5

Everything's been smooth sailing since my last update. I've been following Botanicare's Nutrient Calculator based on a 10week schedule (though weirdly the minimum i can set for flowering is 6 weeks - and based on Royal Queen's Northern Lights seeds, this thing should finish in 9-10 weeks... who knows I'm just winging it here lol).

Added 1 tower oscillating fan + humidifier. The general conditions have improved in the wardrobe closet. I can keep the door shut now for most of the day, and usually peek in to say peek-a-boo once in while.

The burnt out leaf in my earlier post had completely ran through its life cycle; it's yellowed/shriveled out of existence. It's still attached as i didn't like the idea of pulling on the stem. Should I take a razor to that thing? Probably will do - soon as i transplant away from the 0.3 gallon air pot.

There are a couple of leafs with yellow tips (which is different from what happened earlier). Might be mag deficiency, but it's under control thus far (they been there for a week with no spreading). And it's limited to 2 early stage leaves; the rest are just playboy models to me.

I remember reading that I should transplant during week 3 or so (which is where I should be by now). But it has also come to mind that my next pot size might've been a bit too big (it's a 3 gallon air pot, where a 1-1.5 woulda been just right :nomo:). So many factors to decide on... but i guess it won't hurt to have it in a bigger pot (more room for roots to grow i guess). I'll probably transplant this weekend and pray I don't do anything stupid in the process :wood:.

PS: The other seed didn't take. I'm officially at no seeds now, with this baby being my one and only hope. Ordered cloning supplies in preparation - but it's too early for that stage anyway so I can relax for now..



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Log Entry #6

Today marks the day of the transplant from 0.3gal air pot to a 2.0gal air pot. This is also the day that marks the first 4 weeks since sprouting and the farthest I've ever gotten in my attempts :high-five:

I was reading up on transplanting, and autoflowers in general, and developed a sense of urgency as my NL-AF was big enough to take up all of the pot she was in. Having checked the roots, it was obvious that I should have done this transplant a little earlier as roots were coming out the sides and the bottom. The whole thing was done very gently; I don't believe I've damaged anything and I hope the plant isn't too stunned by the whole thing (she can be moody at times :50:).

I was planning to do some pruning to allow for better light penetration, but I didn't end up doing it. I didn't have time to read up on the process, and what branches can I safely cut away. I guess I'll do that at the time of taking cuttings for cloning... wish I had someone who could just tell me these kind of stuff. It's so much studying on my own :nomo:

I moistened the soil around the rootbound, but the roots themselves had some moisture left in them from this morning's watering. Will give it a day and check on moisture levels. I won't be watering for another 1-2 days at least.

Note to self: must take a trip to Amsterdam soon



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Log Entry #7

So I'm into my week #5 for my Northern Lights Autoflower soil grow. The plant has grown to 15 inches in height from the soil surface :high-five: while sitting in a 9" diameter pot.

I needed to add a side 35w CFL light & fix some Mylar in the closet to help with the lighting.

I'm still waiting for cloning gel to get here, but have reading on autoflower cloning and the general consensus is that I shouldn't hope for much yield from cloning an autoflower (if any, that is). I'm not so sure I want to go ahead with it if the cutlings are still going to proceed automatically into floweing when cloned. I'll ask around the forum to seek advice on that.

Have been facing a little trouble trying to determine the right amount of water for this pot size. Still not too sure i'm giving enough (when in doubt: better underwater than overwater, am i right?)

One last note: must get some info on when to expect flowering stage to start (if it hadn't already).

PS: next grow, only have autoflowers support other normal (larger, slower) plants as there aren't really that many options to control yield and growth cycles... it's all way too auto-rushed!

Anyway, here are some pics :allgood:



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Log Entry #8

May 27: In my haste, I've proceeded to trim my Autoflower to help with the light penetrating the canopy to the bottom. I took away 6-7 of the largest fan leaves. Having asked later on in the forum, I've realized that maybe I shouldn't have introduced that kind of stress to my plant.

May 28-29: I introduce 2 new 35W CFL lights towards the bottom of the plant to support my hanging LED light.

May 29-Jun 18: I notice a very strange condition creeping up on my leaves. They almost look like they are clamping down and becoming stiff in nature. This was particularly evident towards the top of my plant. Thinking it might've been too much light from the top, I proceeded to increase the distance between LEDs and plant. A week later, however, the middle leaves start doing the same (in addition to the newly formed ones). I start getting anxious and exploring new ways to combat this condition, alas nothing really worked (drastically).

PS: I explored the idea of adding a bucket of dry ice in the closet for cooling and CO2. Process wasn't efficient as I had hoped for. Experiment ended quickly.

PPS: the sexy tentacles (watsitcalled?) are quite thick and white now. A few are amber in color, but those are the ones coming out of the buds (seed pods?). Can't wait for the rest to turn ripen up \(^.^)/

Jun 19: I hypothesized that the clamping down leaf condition could be due to the 2x 35W CFL at the base of the plant. Because of their proximity to the plant, it started turning its leaves towards those bulbs rather than fan out for the LED lights. It makes sense as humidity, ventilation and watering were all good. Nothing else changed from the time of trimming except for the CFLs. I have shut them off and am now only using the DS200 LED in hopes of restoring the leaves to what they should.

PPS: Noticed a couple of leaves at the edge of the pot being eaten bit by bit. It's microscopic, so can't really see it... but something is there.

Here are some pictures. Notice the difference between bottom leaves being/looking phat and fine, while top and mid leave are f**ked up and clamping down. Hope this is fixed back to normal real soon *fingers crossed*.



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Log Entry #9

In the meantime...

Having read extensively on the symptoms I've had been witnessing, in combination with a few others recent sightings, I concluded that I have some form of nute-bound plant.
I immediately switch to unadulterated RO water.

A few days later :surf:... I completely depend on my smartphone for daily (digital) trichome check-ups. Also I've switched to a 20/4 light cycle - I'd read it's the optimal cycle for a Northern Light AF.
*awkward victory dance* :yahoo:

few days later, I learn when/how to harvest, dry and cure. It's grown to a pretty decent size. I rarely impress myself lately... now is one of them times.

PS: it's been 2 weeks using RO water now. most of the big fan leaves' tips are now yellow-brown.

July 8th, I determine that harvest time has come. I'm prepared for this :21:. The trichomes' colors were 85% milky white, 15% amber... the ideal split for my NL-AF. I proceed ti cut the whole plant at the base stem and hang it in my trusty closet .

I maintain an RH of 40-50% for drying, with my fan circulating air extremely gently around it in almost complete darkness (doors slightly ajar). And I wait.

July 14 *birthday loldance*

I keep with the nightly check-ups with my eye out for anything bad.

July 14th

July 15 I *snip* the big fan zombie-leaves out of sight. Hardly any trichomes amount on these.

I look up at her... hot digity. :13:

While still not done with the drying yet, The words " definitely smoke-able" pop in my head.

Best friggin day ever.

note: smoke is smooth with a soft hint of green taste.

David Bowman

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