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Troopers Bust Two for 50 Pounds of Pot


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Oregon State Police arrested two Bend residents Saturday morning east of La Grande for possession of more than 50 pounds of marijuana.

The arrested came following a traffic stop, an OSP news release said. Shortly before 10:30 Saturday morning, an OSP senior trooper stopped a rented 2009 Nissan Altima with California license plates eastbound on Interstate 84 near Milepost 278 because the car was going 84 mph in a 65 mph speed zone. Tisha Maelou Niles, 25, was driving, and Jeffrey Davey Stratton, 28, was the passenger. Both are from Bend.

The trooper and a second trooper with a drug detection canine assisted during the stop. The state police found 51 pounds of marijuana in large bags inside the car's trunk, the news release said.

OSP estimated the drug haul was worth about $130,000.

The troopers arrested Stratton and Niles for possession, distribution and manufacture of marijuana. The troopers booked Stratton into the Union County Jail in La Grande and cited Niles to appear in Union County Circuit Court.

The OSP Drug Enforcement Section is continuing the investigation. OSP said it will not release any more information about the case

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why would they be driving 19 miles over the speed limit? they were asking to get caught i guess.


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stupid is as stupid does


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The golden rule when transporting is
"Do the speed limit, and no extra stops", if someone was transporting 130k worth i would have hoped they woulda used common sense when following the rule.


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Sounds like CBG and his boys got another newbie on the smugglers highway. Knowing that stretch of 84 oh so well.. be kewl man.. always drive a load like that with a front and back follow crew.. geeze louise, who are teaching these youngins anyway.. they were oh so close to home too..drive the 65 posted man no more than, also this time of year in that neck of woods comes ice and snow.. dead mans pass, all to well,many loads up that hill, over to the east to idaho, or west on over to portland town, down 'round the bend we made into reno then vegas back to SD up north to SF, back to Reno, up to Ideeeho, back to ? portland..
What is needed is to open a school for young scoundrals, teach some new young dogs some old dog tricks.. at least the value was stated somewhat correct, CBG and his boyz are getting real at estimating watch out as they still run that section of concrete all the way to stark... almost 22 years now in fact.. concrete runners can be fun and adventuresome for all those who still wanna play .. be careful as ol CBG and all his boyz is still 'round, and dudes and dudettes these guys and gals know more 'bout hittin this stuff up than you'll ever think.. it's the payoffs & the ripoffs no one ever saw..good luck our young friends.. it's not as bad as it used to be..


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Its amazing how many of these cases where you see some idiot hauling many pounds and they drive stupid. Not a good role model for us pot smokers.lol


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haha i wonder who has that license plate hahaha

Lol, it was a rental, so it probably ran back to whereever they rented it from,
but i have to agree with Cherma, this is a case of noobie runners that didnt know better. I still fault the distributor for that, cause he shoulda told them with a load like that, absoultely do not go even one mile over the speed limit, no lane switching machismo, stay in the middle lane the whole trip if you have to and no stopping except for bathroom breaks. Shit 130k? i woulda gave them bedpans to use. :439:


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they must've never heard of cruise control. thats only about an hour from me too so thanks to these two idiots their might be a drought around here...f**kers then again if that 50lbs only added to $130k then it must not be that skunk..probably some mid-grade..amateurs
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