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Troopers Make Ohio's 2nd-Largest Marijuana Seizure

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Ohio state police say holes in the story of a driver and passenger stopped for a traffic violation led to the agency's second-largest seizure of marijuana. Lt. Jon Payer says neither the driver nor passenger had valid driver's licenses despite a claim of moving a rental truck of belongings from California to the east coast. Payer says the furniture was mainly junk, another clue that led to the discovery of 2,330 pounds of pot worth $11.6 million during the stop on Interstate 70 Saturday in Preble County in western Ohio. Payer said Monday the marijuana was destined for distribution in Ohio. The driver and his passenger were jailed in Preble County on a charge of marijuana possession. The patrol seized 3,181 pounds of marijuana in 2005, also in Preble County.


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Who knew Preble was such a happening spot?! Sorry about the bust. It's best to stay off the interstates, seems everyone who gets popped for distribution is caught on the main highways.
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