True History Of Marijuana Full Movie

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Cannabis has an incredible number of uses:-

Industrial Textiles
Consumer Textiles
Building Materials

The biofuel could pose a serious threat to the energy industry.

Hemp seed (from its non THC cousin, the hemp plant) can be used as a food since it contains complete protein (ie all essential amino acids) and all Essential Fatty Acids. THIS ALONE COULD END HUNGER WORLDWIDE.

You can also lookup many testimonials on you tube from people who have survived cancer by using Cannabis Oil.


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Just sent this video link to my State Representative and my Mom & Dad. I have a real bad back and have been able to stop taking opiates in lieu of coming back to something I should have never left, the wonder weed Cannabis. My father has a degree in Chemistry and a Master in Industrial Safety and once wrote a paper for college on the ill effects of Marijuana. I want to see if this video changes his mind a little bit My Mom is a huge believer in homeopathic remedies over going to the doctor every time your tummy hurts.


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Testimonials are worth nothing, just saying. We need proper research, not testimonials. I can find an equally large number of testimonials that Elvis is still alive.
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