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True Loves - Mixed Seed - Hydro - Coco Coir - Mars LED 2 - 4x4 Grow Tent

OK ladies and gentleman, this is my first grow and grow journal.

hope it all works out :)

What strain is it? Mixed all feminised seeds. White widow, Purple Haze, OG Kush and AK 47 from ILGM online store.
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
Ak 47
Plant type Feminized
Sativa or Indica 35% - 65% Sativa dominant

Purple haze.
Plant type Feminized
Sativa or Indica 30% - 70% Sativa dominant

OG Kush
Plant type Feminized
Sativa or Indica 5% - 95% Indica dominant

White widow
Plant type Feminized
Sativa or Indica 5% - 95% Indica dominant

Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg
If in Veg... For how long? 27 days as of 15/10/14
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Hydro, 40% coco coir 40% perlite and 20% coco chips.
Size of light? 1200w (600w equivalent) Mars 2 LED
Is it air-cooled? No but have fans above and below.
Temp of Room/cab? Grow tent temps vary. On a hot 34c (92f) and lowest so far 17c (62f)
RH of Room/cab? 35 – 50% average is about 42%
PH of media or res? So far 5.7 is res.
Any Pests? May be. Sprayed water soap and oil remedy that I found here
how often are you watering? Everyday twice a day. 45mis after lights go on and 6 hours before they go out.
Type and strength of ferts used? General hydroponics flora series and Cal-mag. Full strength aggressive veg as directed on package.
1. 1st grow.
10/10/2014. 5pm
Germination, cup of water method.
White Widow x1
Ak47 x1
Purple haze x1
OG Kush x3
Temp 12/24. Used heater in front of glass to maintain water temp
Water temp 19-23c
Ph 6.1. Test on 10/10
prepared plastic cups with coco coir.
watered each cup with strait water. 200ml

Temp 11/21
Water temp 19-23
Still using heater
7:30pm all six seeds cracking open. Some more than others
White widow- just showing signs cracked
Purple haze- cracked
Ak47- showing signs cracked
OG Kush- cracked open, tiny tail.
Maintained seeds in cup of water,
Toped with fresh water
Checked ph 7.5
lowered Ph to 6.5

changed my mind on cups and opted for small pots
Added perlight, coco coir and coco chips. 30/40/30
Ph now 5.9
Moved seedling to pots and put under 96watt fluro.

light spray water 5.8
7am and 5pm
Also added home made co2 2.4l8tr
1cup Suger
2 bags yeast
2.4Ltrs. Water
Temp 20 hi 70

Been spraying day and night but decided not to water this morning
Checked at 11 small sprout. OG Josh, yea.
the rest nothing. Sprayed this afternoon lightly.
Raised lights. Co2 still bubbles

11:30pm anther OG kosh just sporting.
Ak47 also sprouting. Yea.
Lights now 18cm from pots.
Also 1 small spray each, blew co2 into water prior.
Added air stone to reservoir.

purple haze sprouted
Another OG Kush sprouted.
white widow nothing also same for last OG Kush
Also a light water spray.

Added c02
Moved to main tent OG kush, purple haze, ak47
This afternoon white widow popped.
Sprayed lightly around plant seedling

Watered 200ml Ph 5.9Ph plain water.
Moved ww to main tent.
Few hrs later picked up in veg room.

Hot day 29c. veg room hit 33c and main room 31c
Veg room low hum. Add more glass of water. Now hit 45hum fron 30.
Also added 2nd co2 booted
White widow bounced back but today's heat smashed it again.
Had to movie back to main room was much cooler. 4c
Main room 29c 55%hum. Also added and changed water.
Will need another water and hope to start light cycle tomorrow

First 1/8th strength feed. All plants. 1 glass
Hum 50 temp 25. Raised light 2cm (tent)
Hum 45 temp 30.
Had some issues with setting lights, see how it goes
7am Seems like light timer are working.
11:30 lights are off in veg room and tent.
Closer look revels veg room timer was set to random. Changed and hopefully fixed. Lights went out T 2pm has set
Flower room fan was running but no lights.
readjustment of plugs and timer was wrong. Changed from 0:00 to 12:00
24hr clock was set wrong.
Started training seedling. Placed on 20deg angle.
Lights working now.
Raised lights to 35cm. Seem really slow growing for 6 days in.

Lights working well
Lights went out as schedule 2pm. Put lights up to 400w in ready for 8pm on time
Plants bending towards light. Has intended.
8pm Raised lights to 70cm.
Gave them half feed on all except for ww which was quarter strength.
Put lights back to 250w
The feed seemed to help
Ce was 06
Ph 5.9
Got other air cooled reflector. Heat issue now under control
Skipped feeding today. No water
Only gave them a spay of 5.9Ph water
Gave 1/3 strength feed. Oh 5.9. Run off 6.2
Plants are responding
Lights are back to 400w
Look more comfortable now at 400w
Added another co2 bag
Another feed. Ph 5.6. Ce 08
Run off 6.3
Trying to lower Ph run off.

1200w (600 draw) led fitted. 7pm
Plants loving led
added another co2 removed 1st bag
Fimed all 5 plants.
Sinced fiming plants are producing loads of new shoots.
Not sure if it's because of the fim the lights or just how it grows


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Sounds good.. Best of luck to you any pics?
day 2 photos. taken on the 18/10/2014 (dmy)


Its day 28 :bravo: from when the seeds sprouted. not sure if that's how you work out how old it is.
i fimed (tried) 11 days ago and transplanted 6 days ago.
there being fed from a reservoir with a PH 5.8 and ec 1.6

Some of the leaves have grown funny and its either a deformity or a bug. I have sprayed it with water soap and veg oil twice in 5 days.
Also the white widow is so far behind the others and it had only sprouted 6 hrs later than the others
Any advise on what you guys thing on there health, advise or questions.

here are some pics taken tonight.
any advise or pointers would be greatly appreciated please.:welcome::Namaste:

i believe i may have a nitrogen, phosphorus def. some not all growth is not complete, deformed and curling. it feels kind of soft compared some of the other normal looking leaves. and it not getting better.

my res reading shows ec 1600 but have droped now to 1400
ph is at 5.8
it was hot yesterday 31c in the room 34c outside. (87f and 94f)
humidity around 40%
watering 2 times a day in 27ltr (7gallon) pots. have stopped all watering. why

i thought it may be bugs (gnats) so i have been spraying tops and bottoms of plant with soap oil and water remedy.
could this be the reason?
examples. these where taken 2 days ago. new shots coming but could not wait had to ask and hope some one will answer.
ok thought i would update. its day 36 when these photos where taken.
have had some deformed growth and believe it was due to to many nutes and watering.
had stopped watering and feeding all together fir two days then began to water slowly.
now once a day and am thinking about starting twice a day but not to complete run off.
they are growing much better since changing my whole approach and using the Lucas formula that was modified by head for coco.

also they where topped the day i took these photos.

any advise on when i should change the lights. they are 25 Cm now.
pretty baked now so excuse any typos and grammar



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Hi Stay Green. I'm under the same lights and had some deformities early on too (twisted leaves, weird leaf patterns etc).


They seem to sort themselves out for the most part though. I don't think you're going to get an answer as to what the problem is as LEDs are still in their infancy , so trends like this haven't really been noted yet. The plant that this affected is still a bit of a funny one, it seems to be a bit knotted up compared to the others, but whether this is down to genetics, or the lights, i couldn't say. :)
Thanks Doozy, they have sorted them selves out with a little love. There looking much better.
They probably need a trim but I look at it and pick here and there but I'm afraid I'll stress them Moore.
I've done some lst but the plant is so short and bushy it tricky keeping it off the coco. (days ago 22/11/14)
I'm toying with the thought of using a scrog.

Here are some picks of day 42 week 6. You can see the white widow that was way behind still kicking. I have trimmed the lower branches and no topping on her. The other ladies 3 OG Kush at the back and purple haze and ak47 in the front have been fimed early and recently topped. About 30 tops I removed.
Now feeding 4 minutes on the timer 2 times a day and they are drinking.
I'm using modified lucas formular by head. Great starting point for noobs. Realy helped

i know right.
want to trim but don't know where to start really.
i bent the stems and opend the middle the day after i took the above photos. now there fillout out again.
what should i do, trim and flip to 12/12, or wait and let it grow some more since its only been 3 days since i super coped and lst?

edit note: tallest is 27cm and shortest is 15cm. (white widow)

here are some update photos i took day 46 30/11/14
thank you



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If you want to trim them up before their flowering stretch, give them atleast a week to recover.
So trim them up, take some clones from the best growing ladies, and then wait 7 days before your 12/12 flip.
quick update,
got some rust spots, looked like cal def but i already added it so was a little confused. so i replaced water from res, flushed.
this time i haven't added any Epson salts but added Silica at 1/2 strength and 6 micro 9 bloom of GH that's it.
ec is 1.3
ph is at 5.9

Also trimmed then tonight. little hard getting to the back, no room to move.
will flip the lights in a few days :)
these are the trimming

Group Shot


Purple Haze

AK 47

White Widow

rest are OG Kush
changed the timers to 12/12.
white widow is showing some strange deficiency.
the rest look ok.
ec is 13
ph i raise to 6 for the last few days but now back to 5.8.

group shot

purple haze

AK 47

white widow. tops are showing a light green discoloration. and advise would be great.

the rest are OG Kush


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looks great man, the light green you're noticing looks like new growth that doesnt have enough chlorophyll or nitrogen in it yet.
in a couple days it should be as dark as everything else.

Edit: the light color on the og kush is what im talking about.

for the WW would it be possible to get a better pic?
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