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Trunk5 outdoor guerilla grow


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Hello once again guys. so after last years failed attempt at an outdoor plot this year has had a few changes. but first a few pics of last year...








thoes pics were takin at about mid june, but a few weeks later deer came and ate the entire crop, i hope it was delicious...

Now when it comes to guerilla growing dont tell anyone where your doing it unless you have a friend you are willing to put in the effort and time all the labor and to take a risk with and that knows that this is serious if you can pull this off its no joke.. cant stress that enough.

so you go searching for the perfect spot far out in the middle of noware by a good source of water for the weeks/months it doesnt rain, but not too close dont make it easy for a passer by to find and or smell your crops when its time. but none the less you have found that spot that you know you can call home to your kids. Now What?

well we found that spot last year but the deer had there way with it and yeah, but this year i got some things that will keep them out for sure but ill get into that later. now first things first are you going to dig a hole and add soil, or is it good enough with not alot of clay so you can just amend whats there and grow. you can also bring pots out there or poke holes in roots organic and grow out of the bags, but this isnt as stealthy and to me would be a dead give away if your panning the surrounding area it will stick out like a sore thumb. (what i did in the patch pictured above thoes are about the size of 2 and a half gallon pots but holes dug into the ground and soil added because there was tons of clay after about the first 2 to 3 inches. the second patch we made this year is only 5 holes but are 3x3x3 so were trying to get bigger plants in this spot.)

next is time to amend your plot and having all your kids starting veg or veging out getting ready for the out doors in the next month. if the soils still good in your area keep it there just add a few things to it. lime for ph, a little cocoa fiber and sand to air it out a bit and help with drainage, you dont want too much pearlite as it can be a dead give away seeing the white spots mixed into the soil, kelp meal for veg, and bone meal for bloom, worm castings best thing ever for your soil, you can use fish emulsion but that will bring unwanted guests. but keep it simple its becomes time consuming lugging everything out to where you need it to be. (on the lager patch i used sunshine mix #4, for the new patch this year im using roots organic soil. but for my indoor soil i like to mix a bag of ocean forest and a bag of light warrior together it seems to make the perfect mix.)



so now you have your holes dug and soil is out there what to do now bring out the plants you have been veging the past few weeks or evan months? NOPE! time to think about how your going to keep the pests away from your plants. there are a few things you can do but the more applied the better your chances. (how we are guarding our patches this year are a few things. first we put up spider wire 50 pound test surrounding the whole thing kinda like an invisible fence but one waist/chest high and the other about knee high. second we have chicken wire we are going to dig a 2 inch trench around each hole and make a circle - also we will paint the wire to dull its shine and blend into the surroundings. third we have a few things like neem oil for bugs, snail and slug powder because they will eat alt for little guy, and then a product called deer scram to keep thoes bastards away!!!) but like i said the more things you do the better. you can use dog hair, pee all over, i hear using gas works but idk about smokey the bear and how he feels about that, but the more you do and less obvious you make it the better your outcome.

now about your veging plants that are just about ready to go into the ground. i know there happy in there safe home in your grow space under there cfl's, T5's, or if there at a good start a nice hid lamp. but sad to say its time to get a little more extream and start to harden them off out side, if you can do it in the open then find a nice shaded tree and place them out there for a few hours a day longer and longer untill the stems start to harden and the leaves start to turn like leather then there ready to be put into the ground with no worries. ( mine are in solo cups and ill put them in a cardboard box on my patio for a few hours a day untill there ready as i have to keep it secret.. SHUSH.....)


once all is set your plot is ready all fenced off protected from wild life, your soil and starter nutes are in the ground, your plants all hardened off and ready to be put into the ground its time to plant. dig out a nice size hole from the middle and put the young one in there. dont be scared to go a little bit further up the stem more roots will pop out of everything below the soil, i know a few who prefer to put the first half of the first few branches under the ground and it helps to make a bigger plant. after there in the ground give them a good watering to let the roots spread out into there new home. dont visit them more then you need to so you dont make a trail leading to all your hard work, and pay attention to the weather. later in the year this will be important for when you have big swelling buds and you get that unexpected rain that could mold up an entire crop, so keep an eye out. after about the first 2 to 3 weeks youll be able to let them be and only water once a week or when they need to be fed. if there is no rain and its hot you may need to visit more often but like i said watch that weather channel.

i still need to get my soil outside and mix in all my amendment to last years patch, finish fencing off, and all the other goodies i need to get done. ill post some more info and pics as i continue to set things up, im not trying to make this a journal i just want it to be some useful info for thoes who want to start there own little outdoor extravaganza.

feel free to post comments and questions ill have some updates in a few days!!! enjoy.


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yeah i did, got narced so now im done... had to tear everything out and throw it away.. and sadly this patch will never see me again :(


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"Now when it comes to guerilla growing dont tell anyone where your doing it unless you have a friend you are willing to put in the effort and time all the labor and to take a risk with and that knows that this is serious if you can pull this off its no joke.. cant stress that enough."
You give lots of advice but you don't follow your own.
Should you be giving advice so freely?
There are lots of sticky FULL of GOOD PROVEN advice, everyone go look.


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its my indoor i got in trouble for.. with a tail im not leading anyone anywhere outside.. my partner is taking care of it reasons its nice to have someone you trust. but for myself im done until i find a more suitable state to live in... besides 2 years of stealth growing indoors with no punishment is enough for me..


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With the cops all over you like flies on shit, should you be on here at all? Talking about more weed you have? I wouldn't. Windy city? Chicago?
Live on the Edge.


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i can talk all i want, if they storm into my house they will find nothing no plants no equipment nothing and ill have a nice wrongful accusation suit against them :)
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