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Trunks91 First Grow - Northern Lights Auto - Indoor


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Hey folks! So I've just started my first grow and thought I'd post it up here as I've found many journals on this site very helpful whilst reading up before I germinated. Currently I'm at day 5 (roughly) since germination.

Received 3x Northern Lights Auto Fem seeds from Senseiseeds (Buy Northern Lights(R) Automatic seeds online) on the 6th Jan 2017, proceeded to germinate and plant directly into their final home. 3x 20 Litre fabric pots (5 Gal)
They all breached the coco within a day or two of planting however the growth seems quite slow?

Black Orchid Hydro Box Hydroponic Grow Tent (60x60x140cm)
MarsHydro 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

I'm using Canna Coco's Professional Plus Coco Coir and added Perlite (70% Coco 30% Perlite mix.) along with their Canna A&B Nutes, Rhizotonic and a general Cal mag supplement.

I've only been giving them Rhizotonic at half strength (Versus Canna's guidelines) along with tap water [165 ppm and 7.2-7.4 pH before adding anything else.]
I bring the pH down to around 5.8 and let it sit for 24 hours before watering extremely carefully.
I did give the coco coir and perlite a presoak of pH'd water and calmag prior to planting the germinated seeds.

The light is positioned around 2-3 feet above the seedlings at the moment and I've been giving them 24 hours of light. (I realise my light isn't the best, especially since it doesn't have a bloom/vege switch and I am willing to upgrade the light if anyone has any better ideas in mind, pref LED though as I live in an area with very expensive electricity rates.

Temps inside the tent are kept at 20-25 C (68-77 F) Humidity anywhere from 60-80% most times.
I have a 6 inch fan constantly running to provide airflow and something for the stems to resist. (Thinking of buying an oscillating tower fan.)

Any tips and help from you seasoned growers would be most welcome! Thank you :)



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Day 6

Not much to say really, still on the 24 hour light cycle. Watered last night around 8pm local time. Shouldn't need to water again for a couple days as they're in such large pots.

A few pics
Hope all is well in your world.

How did this grow turn out?

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