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Trying again

Mari ju ana

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I'm back. Last grow went well but the product was a bust. The seeds were old evidently..... So here I am trying again.
I've got quality seeds ro water air ration now the thing I did do different was i started the seeds right in the grow medium. I don't think I put the seeds deep enough into the medium. I they germinated in 2 days got the second set of leaves and I turned the lights on them approx 18" from the seedlings (400W hps) the stems have gotten very long... The plants have laid down. Leaves look nice and are growing starting to turn towards the light. What should I do? Will the stems catch up and strengthen up to hold the plant? I am in like day 7. Any help will be appreciated.


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If your using rockwool cubes and net pots in buckets just take some out the bottom when it's wet and lower it in the pot and put the extra around it for support if I root in cubes I put them in the bottom and some rocks of some kind on top you'll be fine

First seeds I ordered got excited and started them in July so heat killed 2 of the 4 that germed one was laying over for 2 weeks but the head was facing up I was afraid to try to stand it up cause I just spent all that money on seeds and only had one I didn't kill and it and one day it took off and caught her sister
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