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Trying Something A Bit Different


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Hi y'all, GR865 back with another Coco grow. Not sure what method I will grow this round, Vertical or Horizontal, will determine that once everything is started in the solo cups.
Started the seeds in a solution of H2O, Cal/Mag and a touch of Rapid Start, 12hrs and the seeds have sunk to the bottom of the jar, 24 hrs more and then put them in paper towels. Cups ready for seeds, 1/2 filled with coco/perlite, 70/30 and flushed with a solution of H2O, Cal/Mag and Great White. Will add the Rapid start at first sign of emergence.


Starting 10 seeds, 5 Mimosa EVO for my assistant and 5 Wedding Cake for me. Seeds are still in damp paper towels till tomorrow when I will plant them in the Solo's.
As you can see I filled the Solo's about half full and plan as the plants sprout and begin to stretch of topdressing to fill the cups. This was when they are ready for the larger SmartPots will not need to bury the plants too deep.
I am so ready to rock this grow. Still have about 1.25 lbs to dried buds to make more FECO and Cannabutter.


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This looks like the start of a Grow Journal. :) So I've moved it to Journals in Progress. :thumb:

Was not planning to journal this run. You move them without discussion, not right!

When I am done with this grow I may request it go into completed journals or not!


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What is the "different" part of this grow compared to your last grow? The top dressing idea?

I've also thought of top dressing as they grow... I have two girls now who are sunk way into their pots and it's kind of hard to work on them lol. I also was doing some reading when I was transplanting a couple of citrus trees and apparently some plants like to have the base of the trunk and even the tops of their roots exposed, and top dressing like that can be bad for them.. something about too much moisture around the trunk I think. I never really got any further into it or even whether it applies to weed, but it was enough to make me hold off until I learn more about it.

It's a question I'd really like the answer to so I'm super keen to see how you do it and the results! :)


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He is not measuring or adjusting the pH for one of the plants

Dude you are replying to the person who posted this thread, how about letting them answer the question I asked?


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GR - never mind, that bloke seems a bit confused :lot-o-toke:

I was asking what is the difference in this grow from your previous grows? Is it the top-dressing idea?

I have done the topdressing a lot with no problems.
When done a bit at a time starting before the stems get 4 inches tall and fall over. :)

The stems on my new grow are just over 2 inches and tomorrow I will T-D to about 1/2 the stem height. Then as the plant grows another inch or so do it again. The plants will then be planted into 2 gallon smart pots when they reach the 2nd to 3rd node in the Solo's. By that time the roots should be throughout the two inch or so of topdressing. I use Rapid Roots early in my grow and a lot of Great White throughout in my grows so my roots systems are strong.

The main reason I don't want to get involved in a journal is I am coming out of retirement for a while helping my son with his new business, office work, not manual labor! :)
I do not want to start a journal if I can't put the time into it, and don't want my work to be put in to the "Abandoned Journals" category!
So until I get shit under control at "the" office, I just want to do and update now and then. If I see I will be having the time to put into it I will contact the Mod's and ask to be moved.

Did my 300 +/- mg canna oil caps night time wellness dose about an hour prior to starting this post. So may be a little rambling happinp, but it's fun!

:peace::48: :peace:


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19 days since I started seed soak. 12 days since emergence, and one day since transplant.
7 days after emergence, had 3 of the Wedding Cake germ and emerge and all 5 of the Mimosa EVO emerged. I kept one of the Mimosa and all three of the Wedding Cake, so we both will be growing 4 plants.
20200807_201417 (2).jpg

Transplanted yesterday to 2 gallon Smart Pots with 70/30, coco/perlite. Critical time now, getting the roots of fill the SP and begin the veg.
20200811_122936 (2).jpg

This is going to be a horizontal grow and now for something a bit different, I will be building a 42 inch round screen mounted to a Lazy Susan on wheels, I will be able to move the forward and back plus rotate on the LS about 180 degrees to work on them. Pics when I finish construction.


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Still getting set up.
Transplanted on Tuesday, 8/11 into the two gallon Smart Pots and today I got the Lazy Susan ready for the show.
Plants on the LS and the wire rack.
20200813_151226 (2).jpg

The rollers on the bottom of the LS fit into the tray grooves so the whole unit will move about 12 inches back to front.
20200813_151252 (2).jpg

These next two pics are of the rotation of the LS.
20200813_151313 (2).jpg

Now a 1/4 turn.
20200813_151305 (2).jpg

I want to be able to rotate the plants 180 degrees to make it easier to work of them while they are in the tent.

I will be mounting a SCrog screen table to the LS, so by moving forward and back and rotate 180 degrees I should be able to work of the plants with no problem. At my age I need all the help I can get, LOL.

Top of the SCrog screen table. Will be adding the legs and Juke string later, So I will show it then and the Irrigation setup also.

20200813_154225 (2).jpg


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Hey @gr865, I was just mentioned about you earlier today when using pliers as a tool for training came up! Good luck with the new grow! :hookah:


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Built my SCrog screen this week. Put it in the tent only to see how it should work. 9.6 square feet, 42" circle frame, with Jute string runners, 3.5 to 4 inch squares.
20200816_134228 (2).jpg

20200816_153753 (2).jpg

20200816_154655 (2).jpg

20200816_154724 (2).jpg

20200816_155448 (2).jpg

When I do some topping and the plants get a bit more growth I will install it and fasten it to the base of the Lazy Susan (LS). At present the height is 18 inches , not sure at what height I will settle on, from the base of the LS. I will be able to rotate the plant 180 plus degrees to work on them. I built this Lazy Susan for my LSD Monster Crop grow, and it's really nice not having to crawl under the plants to work on them.
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