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Trying to determine strain

John D'oh!

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The guy I got my clone off of said that it was called "Indonesian Kush", but I've searched for that and came up with ziltch, so that's probably not right. I doubt it's a pure Kush indica, because the leaves are not extra dark and fat, and the plants are not short and stout. My crop is in about the 5th+ week of 12/12, and it's budding out quite nicely with trichomes starting to become more noticeable. One distinctive characteristic about it is that the buds smell like sweet grape candy. The girls are asleep right now, so I'll post some bud photos tomorrow, but what are some of the strains that are known to smell like grape candy?

Here's what the plants looked like about 2 weeks into 12/12:
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Wow, very nice. I wish I could help with the strain, but those are tuff questions to answer. I would get as many close shots of the leaves and flowers as possible. That way maybe someone can take an educated guess for ya.

Good luck!

John D'oh!

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OK, here's the buddlies:

5+ weeks into 12/12...

Check out my MacGyver cardboard/mylar CFL reflector! I'm using it to supplement the light for a couple of poor light-starved runts up front. It's got 3 26W 2700K bulbs. The main lights are 1000W HPS Hortilux in Vertizontal reflectors. I use these lights for both 24 hour veg and 12/12 flower.






John D'oh!

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I'm wondering if maybe the guy was stoned and was trying to say "OG Kush", but it came out "Indonedian Kush". Or maybe he did say "OG Kush", but I was stoned and heard "Indonesian Kush".

I just wish I knew what this was...
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