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Trying to have a break


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I'm not sure if this the right forum. Any moderators, please feel free to move my post if it fits better in another forum.

I've been smoking daily from morning til night for some years. My tolerance has shot through the roof, and it doesn't matter how much I take, in whatever form, and it only gives me a slight buzz. I'm taking it for chronic pain, and I still feel it helps me. But going through 5 grams a day takes a toll on my lungs even though I mostly vape. I really do miss being high at times.

10 days ago I decided to take a break off the weed to get my tolerance reasonably low. My aim was to take 2 weeks off. It's been pretty bad, and I've had major problems with anxiety, stomach, cold sweats, sleeping, and I am very irritable.
I've been using CBD oil in the belief that it would help me through this time. I don't know of the CBD makes any difference at all, but perhaps I had been much worse of without it... At times I've also taken some calming medicines, such as Valium and similar that I was lucky to find in my old traveling bag. All expired years ago, but it has helped keeping me a bit calm.
Today my irritation level has skyrocketed. I'm more agitated than ever and I snap very easily. It feels it's not worth it, and I'm seriously thinking about rolling a joint today of the most powerful stuff I have. I don't want the people close to me suffer because I've suddenly turned into an angry monster.

So, my question is: Is 10 days off enough to get down to a reasonable tolerance level?
Does anyone have any similar experiences?

My aim when I get back to using again is to stop the wake and bake routine, and only use it from the afternoon until bed time. Hopefully that can keep my tolerance at a reasonable level.
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