trying to remedy disaster. help please


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I have had the unfortunate luck of being blessed with hermi's and not pulling them fast enough. I am now the not so proud father of (4) 3 foot plants that will be seed infested. They are 22 days in since showing signs of buds, 29 or so since going 12/12. I was wondering if I reverted them to 24 hour light cycles if the buds would just stay the course and mature. This will prevent me from running out and leave me with a ton of hand out & hash material I want to start my next batch so I don't have to be so long with out sensi. My fears are that the babies will somehow pick up the male pollen that is certain to be in the room. I wouldn't revert back to 12/12 until I cleared the hermi's out and gave the room a good cleaning. I would also keep the newbies centered under the light and keep the mature plants a little further away and rotate them heavily. My question is will this work? I am runnning a 430W Son Agro HPS single bulb. I could set up (2) 18 inch Flouro's in another room but don't want to have to buy bulbs for a 1 time use, plus I don't think I wil be able to keep the other room at a decent temp. I normally harvest and don't grow again for another 6 months so as not to run out of head stash. If this works it should cut a month off my wait. I'd appreciate any insight or should I just hang myself


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going back to a 24/7 light cycle will put your plants back into veg growth. the only way to get them to flower is a 12/12 light cycle
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