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TTKlaus' 3rd Grow Journal - Dragons Rose


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Here we go again.

Strain - Ambrozia Dragons Rose, cross of Drocos Breath (male) and Pink Rose (female) Sativa Dominant
Light - my own proprietary Cree LED broad spectrum 100w honest light.
PPFD 577umol
Indoor Grow - soil
Power Draw 100W - aircooled, passive cooling
Light size 16"x35"
Tray Size 9"x14"x2.5" - 2.5 Quart - bottom watering - about every 3rd day
Temp - 64-88 F
General Purpose big brand fertilizer for Veg 1/3 strength
Purple Cow Cannacharger fertilizer for Flower

Started on May 2,2018 from seeds in Jiffy Seedling Mix

Planting day! May 2

The seeds are from a local dispensary and should be around 18-21% THC. I have planted 7 seeds today, I'm hoping to end up with at least 4 female plants after sexing. I'm also planning on vegging them for about 5 weeks. Flowering for this strain should be around 10 weeks. Mature plants should be about 24" tall. I will top and or FIM the plants at 3-4 weeks old. I'm using my biggest light for this grow. My main objective is to find out what kind of yield I can get with a 100w light. And of course how healthy the plants will be. Stay tuned!


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Oooooo......yet another grow to drool over :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:

Sorry premature drooling..... ;)
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