TTKlaus' Micro Grow Feb2018

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This is my second grow ever. I'm just experimenting.

Started on January 14,2018 from seeds
Strain: Blue Dream Hybrid - don't know the percentages
Indoor Grow - soil
1 - Broad spectrum LED light - blue/green/red/white 420 Umol
Power Draw 25W - aircooled, passive cooling
Light size 10"x16"
Tray Size 9"x14"x2.5" - 2.5 Quart - bottom watering - about every 3rd day
Temp - 64-88 F
General Purpose big brand fertilizer for Veg 1/3 strength
Bloom big brand fertilizer for Flower

I started with 21 seeds spaced about 1.5" apart in Jiffy Seedling Mix

Planting day! Jan 14th

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Day7 Jan17. Seedlings emerged after 3 days of planting. Light has been on 24 hours. Have not added water since planting.

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Day13 Jan27. Seedlings are 10 days old. Getting ready to transplant into all purpose potting mix. Added a light solution of fertilizer. Lights are still on 24hours a day.
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Day21, Feb5. Seedlings are 18 days old. This is a few days after transplanting. The plants are stressed, I'm questioning the transplant in such a small grow space. Just added water hoping the plants will recover. I also just topped them. Still have all 21 seedlings growing! All seedlings look much healthier compared to my 1st grow.
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Day24, Feb8. plants are 21 days old. A few may have been FIM'd instead of topped. Gave them a bit of fertilizer. All are looking pretty decent.
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Day29, Feb12. Day 4 into flower. The tops are starting to show strong new growth. At least I think they do!

This image below shows my high tech grow chamber!
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Day34, 9 days flower (1wk,2d) Some more pics. All plants are still doing ok. Still cannot see males or females.

Someone told me that my plants may be getting too much nitrogen because the leafs are very dark green. What do you guys think?
I was using a 1/4 - 1/2 solution of an all purpose plant food, 24-8-16, about every 4th day. I just switched to a flowering fertilizer 15-30-15 and gave them a 1/2 strength solution. Any feedback would be appreciated as this is only my 2nd grow ever.

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Day35, 10 days flower (1wk,3d)

Ok. I am seeing some burn around the edges of some leafs. I believe this is the result of my last fertilizer feeding having too much potash (15%) and phosphate (30%). I will only water for the next week or so, NO nutrients! To flush things out.

Question: How can I add larger pictures to my post? Not just thumbnails?

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Day 38, 13 days flower. (1week, 6days)
Things looking good, but growing slowly with the 25w light. I moved everything into the new grow chamber. Looking awesome! I'm thinking about getting a filter of sorts to keep the smell under control. Also, temps are a bit on the low side, in the middle to upper 60s.