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Tuffalo Durban

David Bowman

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I recently purchased an eighth ounce each of four different sativa-dominant strains of cannabis. One of the strains I chose was Tuffalo Durban and is the fourth and final strain to be reviewed.

It is interesting to note that the color of this strain is much lighter and paler than the other sativa dominant strains I've previously reviewed. I've also noticed a much larger than normal amount of kief present once the buds have been through the grinder. This should prove to be an interesting strain. It might be one of the reasons that this strain won best tested sativa in the Hemp Connoisseur.

The aroma is quite absent until the buds are broken apart, then it has almost the same identical aroma as Easy Rider but with a much sweeter overtone as well as a slightly smokey component. It has a mild taste profile with no outstanding attributes and is quite smooth when vaped.

The initial hit is quite fast, within 5-10 minutes, starts out subtle but comes on strong and is almost entirely a head high with a just a little heart racing right in the beginning. It is a bright, clear high mostly spacey with just a hint of buzziness, it definitely puts me in a better mood. The high lasts for at least a couple of hours or so and maintains a steady level throughout the majority of that time. There were no significant munchies with this strain as there were with Blue Dream. It is a very pleasant, intense, uplifting high that is good in the beginning and middle of the day. Overall, I'd have to say this strain is up there with Golden Goat.
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