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Tulare County Supervisors Delay Vote on Fee for Medical Marijuana Card

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Tulare County supervisors have put off for a week a vote on a fee to issue medical-marijuana identification cards. The delay is for time to clarify questions in the proposal.

Health and Human Services Agency officials requested the $168 fee for the cards, along with a series of other fees and fee increases.

During Tuesday's supervisors' meeting, Kevin Marks, director of administration for HHSA, told supervisors that such fees were not approved in the past.

But Supervisors Phil Cox and Steve Worthley disagreed, which led to the week's delay on the matter.

County residents with doctors' recommendations for medical marijuana aren't required to obtain identification cards from the county.

After the meeting, Marks said that Cox and Worthley were right that fees for the medical-marijuana cards had been approved in the past and that he'd been mistaken in his statement to the supervisors.

Later in the day, Gail McCann, an HHSA spokeswoman, said that in 2007, the supervisors set the fee for medical-marijuana identification cards at $268 each.

McCann said the agency's mix-up became clear later: The agency's request was intended to be a reduction of that fee, down to $168.

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