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Turbo Bucket's Take On RADDWC: Grow Room Build-Up

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So as some may know I've been running space buckets for awhile now with some success. I love the buckets and intend to return to them with upgrades after this is completed. However I need to increase my output and finally have room so.... Here we go.

The space:
42"*70"*93" tall walk in closet that I've walled off and created a back entrance from my mechanical room into.




I've gone back and forth and decided to split the room in half giving me two 42"*~30" spaces. I may separate them but for now it's all on the same light schedule using the lights from my bucket builds.

small 52w axial fan with 3 speed control exhaust. Passive intake through light trapped filter assembly built into access door. Currently holding ~80°f 50%rh. Clip fan for circulation.
Will be adding an inline carbon filter and tying into the return trunk with 8 in round to cut down on noise.


blurples and a single cob for now. Custom Cree cxb2530 Assemblies will replace them. High chip count low drive current with reflectors most likely. Aiming for 250-450 wall Watts per side. 3 dimmable channels(3000k 90cri and 80 cri and 4000k 70cri). Passive heat sinks. Meanwell hlg constant current drivers.

All in pro mix hp with a lil extra perlite now. Fabric pots.
With the RADDWC I will be using clay pellets and Coco coir in 6in baskets somewhere between 50/50 and 70/30 majority pellets.

Been pretty happy with Botanicare lineup plus Great White Shark not sure I'll change other than switching to orca and adding Z7.

7/5/3 GALLON bucket stack. 3gal Dewey chamber with perimeter holes for water and roots. 5gal dwc with 1.5" undercurrent knock off recirc in the 7 gal . Fine mesh in bottom of five gal bucket to prevent roots in the recirc. 3 per side.

Rough approximation

Texas controller style reservoir for each side. Incoming water and Drain to waste at rez for each side.
One water pump and air pump per side. Air stones in rez, possibly in the dwc s but I don't want to.

Ok that's enough for now I have other things I gotta get done. Like transplant some of those girls up above :(. This is a big brainstorm so please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions I'm still new to this so more knowledge is always better. Thanks for looking.


Grow Journal of the Month: Oct 2017
Dude!! I'm so happy you found some inspiration from my madness. Lol

Thank you for the compliments!

I can't wait to see you build that bad boy. You have a solid plan, and lovely devices, I see nothing but success.


Question: Are you planning to transplant the plants to the lower tier as they grow and prepare for flower chamber? I guess I'm just thinking of nute strength issues as the vegged plants will be at different weeks of growth. Just a thought that popped in my head. I could be dead wrong.


Welcome to the show folks.

Vex It's a nested stack. One plant per stack. 7gal on bottom 5 in the middle 3 on top they sit inside each other so no tier progression roots grow down from the Dewey chamber into a dwc. (No idea if this is gonna work) the idea is a larger zone of oxygenated roots with a nice pool of nutes to drink from below.
My inspiration was nature herself. There's an old wooden bridge on the back of our farm that has some thistles/ferns moss and other junk growing on it, the roots now stretch down into the creek below and those plants are monsters so I've tried to recreate that.

For now no bloom room gonna run a few sets of autos to utilize my space. When I go back to photos I'll use Dewey space buckets for veg and this room for flower.


Grow Journal of the Month: Oct 2017


Update: so the girls have been in their new home for almost two weeks now and it's been a lil bit of a struggle. All the bigger plants came out of my space buckets from bag seed and we're quite happy where they were. (LED lights Botanicare nutes and GWS safe effective program I've used before). I took the clones on their move in day. The aeropots are from the plant on the left. Solo cup clones are from the big four armed mess on the right.

Within a couple days I saw signs of what I thought were lockout out (classic claw, stunted growth, beginning discoloration) on the biggest one. Flushed with clearex run off was good at 6.8 and watered only for next watering.
By this time the other big one was following suit. So 4 days after flushing number one i transplanted her to the new 7 gal fabric pot. Flushed number 2. Clones were progressing nicely for my first try. (Man is that a nail biting experience).
6days after move in both still getting worse after flush and water only. Thought maybe it was the water only giving me fits throwing off cations in soil.
So two days later when they were ready number 2 got her new 7gal home. watered both with very dilute nute mix. Also gave the remainder (watered down even further ~ 1/32 label dose) to the clones.
10 days after move in symptoms have worsened across the board beginning to see burned leaf tips with almost no nutes added in two weeks.
The twist: The same bag seed beans that produced all the others have popped, and been on the same watering schedule as the clones and look good.

My thoughts: humidity. I think my space buckets raised the rh over ambient enough to keep them happy. Now the humidity at 45-50% is just too low. I've added some water pans to test this out over the next couple days. Fingers crossed. Any further thoughts?
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