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Turbo Klone not Rooting after 2 weeks


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This is my second attempt at cloning ever. First attempt failed because I cut the stems too short :-(
I have had some cuttings in a TK-24 for exactly two weeks now. I started with 15 and now I am down to 12. I am using clonex solution and water temps are a little high - 75-80. I lost one to unknown causes, one to black end rot. Caught that one early and no signs on any other cuttings; the stem had curled up and was not getting sprayed. I also lost one to my own carelessness.
This morning I had found the pH drifted to about 6.3 so I adjusted back to 5.5.
This morning I also noticed that some of the bottom leaves were starting to really get brown (dead) and trimmed them off. They had been yellowing for a week or so now. Presumably since the upper leaves are still green, this is due to the normal process of using stored nutrients to start root growth. There is just one problem - there is not the slightest sign of any root bumps anywhere on my clones.
I have read elsewhere on this forum that the process takes 5-14 days. Can I conclude that the attempt has failed or should I wait longer?
I was planning to flower the mother plant as I have virtually no stash at the moment, but I am concerned these clones will fail and I will have to take new cuttings.
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