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Tutorial On Uploading Pictures From IPhone

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I know a number of people are struggling on uploading pictures to 420Magazine from their cell phones while the Application is currently down. I put together a tutorial on how to upload your pictures quickly and painlessly using Chrome (recommended by 420Magazine).

First Open Chrome and logon to 420 MAGAZINE (R) - Medical Marijuana Publication & Social Networking

Next navigate to the Gallery


Scroll to the very bottom and either log in if you haven't already or select Upload Photos

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:bravo: You made it to the upload screen.

Tap the box Select / Drop Files Here and a new window will appear

On the Pop-Up - Select Photo Library

This will open the Selection Window of your photos on your IPhone or Mobile Phone

Select the pictures you want to upload then press Done
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You left a lot out. Most can't find the gallery. It's very hard to find. A for effort though. You did provide the link though so that's great. I am using Tapatalk app. Much easier.
LOL - your two quick and I had only started to document the process.

I also love the Taptalk app buy about a week ago they had a problem and you can not currently post pictures directly to a message. The Ops are aware of this and are working on a fix.
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We are almost done so hang in there

This will start the upload process.

Next put in the default name for the files you have in this upload - can be anything

Now Scroll Down and Press UPLOAD / SUBMIT

This will bring up a second window where you can name and describe each picture if you wish. I just leave it blank and scroll down to the very bottom and select Process - THIS IS IMPORTANT - IF YOU DON'T PRESS THIS THEY WILL NOT BE IN YOUR GALLERY.