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Twas the night before Christmas...


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T'was the night before Christmas and all through the night
Little Rob stayed up toking sweet green delights
In the hopes that Santa might stop in for a spliff
He toked on his bong and got really ripped
About 3am he heard such a clatter
It was Santa in the fridge cleaning off a food platter
Santa stopped in to talk for a bit
He saw Rob talking gibberish with a stick sized spliff
He kicked up his heals and threw down his bag
He said "fuck it lets smoke I got bad jet lag".
It got later and later and the bag was all smoked
Santa got up and said thanks for the jokes
He jumped back on his sleigh with his bag spilling out
Little green nuggets falling to the ground
He took off as Rob began to shout
"You asshole my weed's in your bag!"
Santa looked back and said "c'mon nag!"
The reindeer took off with a mighty big jump
With Santa yelling back "thanks for the weed chump!"
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