Twilight Groups Spider 4 COB Light - HSO Auto Blue Dream & Dina Fem OG Kush Auto


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What strain are they? Dina fem auto og kush and humbolt seeds organization blue dream auto. Are they indica or sativa? Blu dream auto is sativa/indica mix og kush is indica .what stage are they in veg/flower? They are germinate right now then will go in to vegging.what nutrients will you be using ? I will be using techna flora recipe for success this grow with ph down general hydroponic and snow storm ultra . Soil or hydroponic? These will be growing in soil fox farm ocean forest mixed with 1/4 vermiculite and 1/4 of perlite . What size pots will be used ? I will be using 3 gallon air pots for my first time.what kinda of light will be used for this grow hps/led grow light ? I will be using twilight groups spider 4 cob led grow light .what size grow room will be used? I will be using A 2.5x2.5x 6.5 grow closet.does it have ventillation? Yes its ventillated through the wall and I am using 6 inch blower fan to pull cool air in to my grow room and venting the hot air out with a 4 in inline fan out my wall many days are the plants? Just started so it will be from day 1 .This journal will be done to show how well the knew spider 4 cob can grow plants I am doing this grow for twilight to help show growers these lights grow nice plants .:420:
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My seeds have not cracked yet I have mixed my soil today and have the pots ready with everything ready to go just waiting for them to sprout and then I will take pictures and plant the seeds to start this grow have everything set up ready to go can't wait test these autos very nice strains I've liked everything I've grown from dina fem very good genetics that I've tried this will be first auto I've run from them hope to have a good out come on this one and the blue dream auto I've read many good reviews on and read good things on it
So tomorrow will be day 1 of my blue dream and og kush auto grow both seeds had tap roots and were ready to plant got my temps set up at 80-79 degrees and I will be using ph downed water for next few weeks the soil mix has enough nutrients in it to help it grow won't feed them till they show they need it these autos tend to get bigger then the ones im flowering now this first time I've used the air pots so I will see how often I need water but under led light they should be less often then with hps with the temps down they should be ok happy growing everyone
this is start off the grow my seedlings have been planted now under the spider cob just added the 60 degree lenses tonight that I received in the mail

I think the recommendation was the 60 degree lenses were for flowering, not seedlings.

Pretty nice setup you've got going now though, great job.
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