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Twilight LED's 5 Best Grow Lights of 2014

Twilight LED

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2014 was a great year for LED Grow lights here are our top 5 picks.

Number one pick: MCOB Grow Lights


MCOB looks quite different from most other LED Grow Lights


LED Grow lights are going though some tough trials.



From what we have seen,Twilightgroups, Spider 4x MCOB provides the best of output and spectrum blending. we are closely watching Medical marijuana trails in Vancouver where MCOB is head to head with HPS and 3 other LED Grow Lights.

No doubt 2015 will see the mass introduction of MCOB to Medical marijuana growers who have been disappointed with 3 and 5 watt LED arrays.

Twilight LED

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Big promotion for the beginning of 2017 year
Dear Friends,

Thanks for your supports in 2016 year, we are doing our best to make the best led grow lights for you. To benefit you in the beginning of new year 2017, we have big promotion for spider4. the unit price is 159.99USD with free shipping, no any tax. (original price is 219.99USD). So far, the boss give 25pcs lights for big promotion. first come first served.
Please contact with me if you need the Spider4 MCOB LED Grow lights.
Thanks again.


Twilight LED

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All friends, so far, there only have 7pcs spider4 mcob in the US warehouse, we would like to make some discount for the rest 7 pcs spider mcob led grow lights before CNY. the original price is 329.99USD, Now the price is 159.99USD with free shipping. If some guys need more or all of them, we can give more discount for him/her. We will go to celebrate the Chinese New Year. we will be back on Feb 6th.
Thanks for your supports .
Have a nice day.
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