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twist the ends?

Smokin Moose

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I twist the ends of my joints when I'm not using a filter. It helps stop sucking in weed when puffing, and the tip doesn't get so sloppy.


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i always twist the end of the joint that im lighting, it always keeps the weed in and gets the cherry started nicley:rasta:


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Herb Fellow

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I only twist if I am transporting the joint/joints. No need to loose any pot along the way.


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When I was smoking lots of joints...maybe carry 10 or 11 in my top front pocket or in my wallet, I'd twist the ends so nothing fell out. Or I'd have one tucked behind my ear hidden by by hair, ends twisted. You can always loosen the end you want to inhale from before smoking.


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I usually only twist one end of the joint... the end I light. I would never twist a blunt
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