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Twisty leaves on seedlings


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My seedlings are only about 10 days old since germination and the first sets of leaves have begun to twist - I looked up at all the deficiencies but I didn't see one that matched this one correctly.


It's an NFT setup (extreeeeeeeemely cheap too :) ) using AK99 seeds - a 400 watt HPS and about 400 watts of fluorescent lighting. I'm using GH nutes that were at about 330ppm -- I just raised it to about 450ppm to see how they react.

I want these suckers to grow 100% -- I just had a miserable crop with some Widow clones grown in soil and it was nothing but disaster -- so I want to nip all problems I get in the bud quickly.


How safe is it to post on these forums? Especially with pictures? I want to do a grow journal with my AK99 on 12/12 - and I'm sure people want to know how to build a super cheap and quiet hydro system -- along with my description of how I got all 10 of my seeds to germ in 2 days flat -- but I'm quite sketched about getting in trouble. Heck, even now I'm posting using a proxy server :)
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safe or not stick with the safest way to access the internet there is NO such thing as a safe site just safe users. and to the leaves I had that on a few of my sativa strain but they turned out fine but check out some grow sites as this may be a symptom of bigger issue(i wish i could be more help but I can't remember off-hand)
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