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Twnewell's First Grow


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Growing in Pro-mix hp with added Perlite and Worm castings. 4-1-1
Using a 400 Watt Mh light at 16-18 inches away.
I have a fan circulating air/ blowing lightly on the plants.
Have made my air exchanger from scrap. Separate power supply, relays, fan's that work in a push/pull on the in and out sides of my room.
700 Watt heater for the "night" to keep them warm. It's on a 7 day programmable thermostat. 26 in the "Day" and 18 in the "night" To be honest, the heater never kicks in.

This is all built in room i built in my non insulated garage. The room that I built Is insulated to death as where i live it's below freezing, and will probably be all winter.

Seeds are Mystery seeds. Just doing a test run to see if i can bring these plants to completion. Will buy seeds when and if i can complete one grow.

Plants about 24" away from light

Nov 13th: Germinated 8 seeds for 2 days. 4 sprouted. Planted in silo cups. No added water or nutes.

Nov 15th: Added cut off bottles to trap humidity. Moved plants closer to center of light.

Nov 20th: Realized i was using garbage soil and had no choice to change. Transplanted seedlings into new mix. Pro-mix hp, Worm castings, Perlite in 4-1-1 ratio extremely carefully.

Nov 22nd : Watered 50ml by spray bottle each.

Nov 26th: Watered 60ml each.

Dec 2nd: Watered all plants until start of runoff.

Dec 5th: Don't use bottles over plants under MH light. Made an oven and cooked two other seedlings.

Dec 4th: Transplanted plants to larger pots.

Dec 6th: Watered Plants with 200ml each.

Dec 8th: Watered Big Pots to runoff. ~ 400ml - 450ml


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Just wondering. The grow im doing is to see if I can match the growing environment and actually grow to completion . The seeds I’m using are some I got from a friend of a friend and have no idea on the strain or if they are male or female. What is the best way to tell the male / female difference? I read that putting them into flower will tell the sex, but is it possible to switch back to veg once sex is determined?


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sex will be unknown until week 4-5... and then it will become obvious. Be patient... it will happen. Plants looking pretty good and growing fast... be sure to work on letting them dry out all the way between waterings and you will see those leaves lift up toward the light.
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