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Two Arrested After Police Storm House


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Two men got a rude awakening as police officers swooped on a home that had been transformed into a cannabis factory.
The suspects fled out of the back of the property in just their underwear shortly before 7am today as police smashed down the front door.

Inside the house, police say they found five rooms filled with a sea of cannabis plants, including one crop in the front room that had been fully harvested.

Cables and electrical equipment was also seized and the electricity board was called to make the premises safe because the supply had been bypassed.

Detectives said the value of the haul was up to £200,000.

Dc Shanie Nayar said at the scene: "This is not what you would normally find in a family house like this."

Charlene Cox (24), a housewife who lives opposite, said she was woken by the early morning drama.

She said: "I heard lots of shouting voices, the sound of a door smashing and someone say, 'Get here now.' There were a lot of police vans and I saw them removing what looked like dead flowers."

Two men, one aged 20 and another 24, of no fixed address, were arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis.

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Source: Peterborough Today
Pubdate: 16 November 2006
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