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Day 1
We will call it day 1. Ill throw the only pic I have. Babysitting my sisters pepper plants and Tomatoe plants. They’ll be gone tomorrow
The Germinator.
Day 5
Bucket change. Raised the nutes.
meanwhile bout to press out some rosin and make me a Cartridge with added Terpenes. A few pics. 149812A5-60B8-4C50-B094-0890F82EE5F3.jpeg09B8FA9D-3C9A-4FB6-8F30-14448962195F.jpegDF3C4BD3-A43A-4932-81F9-E3779578911A.jpegBE223D5C-B044-4026-90BF-13C5CE1995A5.jpeg03FFBA6E-F71B-48A2-9893-D59FE98F8BE0.jpeg
Accidentally made two identical posts. Not sure how delete so I’ll write this in here instead. Haha. More pics soon.
Day 1 Flower.
I seen pistils 2 days ago but I am calling today day one. Doesn’t affect harvest date. Just gives me a close timeline. I decided to get rid of both soil plants and decided the other might be male. So here we are with one. It’s going to be a huge plant. A few pics. I love it stayed short and wide. Lower buds will get better light. Bucket change soon. Will post what I give her. BE7C185B-3C47-444F-96A0-9305112F39E5.jpeg06C68354-D6F9-46CA-910D-A72E46B3A53E.jpeg45194753-C40A-4E5D-947B-B0C00DBF4476.jpeg
Bucket change. Lots of pistils. A Few pics. My recipe is for 4 gallons of water. She’s happy. Pray she don’t Herm. I’ve had bad luck with that but I know it was because of heat stress. I have an airconditioning now and an exhaust fan with vented hoods. Stayin at a nice temp. Growin at night. B10F6621-2142-477A-8DD6-424189BB3183.jpeg337CD3EF-0A99-4BCD-883D-1CF6B409F6D5.jpeg784FAF99-1BB5-47FE-A290-96A939DB87E9.jpeg12D577E9-900F-460D-80EE-5DE03C469D20.jpeg
Bucket change.
plant is the biggest indoor plant I’ve ever grown. 6 ft x 6 ft - 4 ft high. Stick sweet. Can’t imagine the end product. Wow. Growing these next.A2DD4D60-6599-4F76-A5D0-0ADC294A2F35.png50AE21E7-036E-44C5-AE31-64660096A501.jpeg
Bucket change. A lot of purple. Thinking phosphorus deficiency. She drinks so fast that the nutrients get diluted. Wasn’t sure if I had enough to last till payday. She got a full bucket change. And will get a fresh bucket change in a few more days again if she drinks 4 gallons a day like she’s been doing. Limbs are so heavy I had to put a rope around them. Here’s a few pics.


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Well. She’s done. 6 days drying and she weighs 1 pound 3 ounce. First 1 pound plant I’ve ever grown. Indoors that is. 1AA5F42D-64F8-4514-885E-7277B70E125D.jpeg8FC5BA33-480F-4DE5-A341-49851E95B4C7.jpegB3F93F67-D2F6-43AD-9726-5C2C8E071275.jpeg994B6BEF-EA68-46D9-A957-67F6DFAA5606.jpeg53EBFFBE-1C47-412A-918C-DFA7FA007BA4.jpeg2AEC5C9B-6CC4-42EE-BA99-0C03E8276A4F.jpeg5A34CE74-54D8-4DD7-81E7-F590D647E4A2.jpeg0447A0FA-E8A7-404E-B96B-CC775CB4BE3F.jpeg9F68E7FF-011E-485F-8002-D27DA36532C8.jpeg08B9D6E6-BDBE-4453-9497-FA4361EF444B.png This plant was crazy huge. I’ll post a few pics but this grow and journal is done. Thank you to those who dropped in now and then. Doug
1 pound 3 ounces. My personal record. That’s off one plant. I had to pull the second one. Was a male.
Nice grow! You mentioned you’ve had problems with heat stress before. What temp range did it get up to for the plant to stress?
in the 80’s. With my new air extractor and vented hoods, the room never got over 75ish. Installed an airconditioning too.
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