Two Chocolope Plants Under Two Eshine LED Panels in Hydro


Effing deluxe, OT.

Is 66% RH not mould-scary though?


Humidity seems to be coming down slow looks ok to me. Boveda packs are interesting

So that's what that brown this was.. Can you document your drying and curing process and progress, Ottawa? I'm going to be needing to look at this in the next few weeks and am yet to decide on a method. :D

Love the trich-shots. Is that using a specific device or just a photo through a loupe?


Just took them out of the cabinet and spent a couple hours renovating the cabinet.
Took a pic of one while they were waiting:

Now they are sitting in dark room with no water all scared and alone waiting for the boogie man to come tomorrow night and chop them down;-)
Just cleaned up the druel on my grow room floor. That's one beautiful girl right there. Excited to see you chop her down, I hope you take lots of pictures and bring us with you.
Spent a couple hours working on cabinet last night (more details on other grow journal).
Tonight is harvest and bud washing time. Going to bring humidity up as much as I can too for the slower dry, but not too slow as I leave on vacation in 9 days for a week. So the buds must all be safe in the jars down to at least 65% humidity by when I leave on the 30th...

Plan for harvest is wash and hang tonight then trim Sunday or so then paper bags then large 1/2 gallon jars with 57g boveda 62%
Took a few branches like this and cut them off and hung then up.

Then the rest of the two plants got washed. 16 to 1 water and lemon juice and baking soda. Then hot water too hot for my hands to be in then ice cold water.
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