Two Chocolope Plants Under Two Eshine LED Panels in Hydro

Four bags and lots of popcorn and leaves
Showing 65-68 for washed buds in bags this morning. Unwashed still at 73% so confirmed again that washed bud dries faster.
Rotated nugs and reclosed washed buds paper bags and left unwashed buds bag cracked open.
Will put them in jars tonight.
Wow - bought 6 new half gallon (1.9L) jars and filled them all and had to use a smaller jar to finish. Would have filled 7 if not for sampling heavy ;-). Jars are cracked right now then will seal and burp down to 65%
It is going to be a great harvest! Will weigh it in 5 days when humidity down below 65%
So I guess it could have gone another day in the paper bags... I wanted it out because one was 63% and thought it was going to get too dry. So I closed it up to do moisture test. Jars currently range from 90-97!
So you see how my sativas in low humidity are crunchy on the outside sugar leaves and dry and hard on outside of bud while humidity is 90+ average. So open air dry is out for me.
Just completed weigh in at 456g!!!!
A pound! For two 260w lights ( including fans) that is .88 GPW not bad at all I am extremely happy now. Time to go on vacation to Caribbean in a few hours too :cool:

Hopefully next grow will be even higher.
Those were some fine looking plants and fantastic harvest, OttawaGreen! Am interested in the UVB and whether 2 tubes is optimal or over-cooking but agree that it does seem to boost tric production. Will eagerly await your smoke report on this and washing effects. Great grow OG!!!
I got more of better quality than I did with two 400w hps. Very happy with eshinesystems now. Glad to have first grow out of way it was a big risk spending cdn$630 including shipping for two lights but it paid off. Big savings in electric while increasing yield and quality. Hell yeah!
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