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Two Indonesians Sentenced To Death In Malaysia

Jim Finnel

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A court in Kuala Lumpur sentenced two Indonesians to death by hanging for marijuana dealing on Friday. Drug crimes are punishable by death in the country.

Mohammad Idris ( 32 ) and Zainuddin ( 40 ), both from Aceh, were caught trying to sell marijuana at a kiosk in the city in September last year. Local police confiscated 5.7 kilograms of marijuana from them.

Both defendants pleaded not guilty in the charges, claiming they were told by a man call Yan to deliver a bag to the kiosk, and denied knowing what was inside the bag.

The court, however, rejected their defense, saying the defendants were never able to bring Teungku Yan forward as a witness.

According to Sabri, Zainuddin's younger brother, Malaysian police had previously jailed his brother on marijuana possession charges in 1993.

"I am hoping for the government's help so my brother can have his penalty reduced," he told The Jakarta Post on Sunday.

There are at least 300 Acehnese detained in Malaysia on drug-related charges. They are either being investigated or awaiting trial.

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MR sHibbZ

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News like this makes me grateful that our country's drug policy isn't as fucked up as others...not the best, but still not the worst. That's horrible news, nobody should be sentenced to jail time, much less death for selling a PLANT. I wish the best for both of those men. :peace:


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I can't help but consider our governments part in this activity? I know they pay other countries to make weed illegal. If this were any other situation our noisy country would be saying this is a crime that is not punishable by such a heavy penalty. I am not sure why they are so strict on a little weed but this country is off my list of countries to get close to. Lets boycot this country for sure..

Give me liberty or give me death!
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Dr. 215

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Well the corruption of governments like indo stems from the U.S. when we decided to make it illegal...
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