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Two plants that allmost fill out a 5*5 screen:)


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Got two babies that were allowed to get a little bit bigger than usual in veg. Now they just started day 14 with 12-12 light...

First,the Cookie Ox. Its a strain from Rare Dankness thats a cross between The Ox ((Bubba * Blue Moonshine) * Bubba) and The Forum cut of Girl Scout Cookies:




Total size of canopy is about 0,85 square meter. I have never grown this strain before, but expect a top shelf indica. Should be done in 8-9 weeks

Second is the Double Banana Sherbet. Its a strain from the Plug seedbank and is a cross between Strawberry Banana Cream (freebe from Karma, I believe) and Sour Banana Sherbet from Crocketts Family Seeds. Lots of OGs, Sunset Sherbet, Bubblegum, Sour Diesel and the White are included in those genes:) I have grown this before and the smoke is hands down among my absolute favorite hybrids ever. Tastes some rotten sweet-sour fruit and LOTS of fuel. Kinda greasy fuel, like diesel mix with some motor oil from some car repair shop and smells quite strong and distinct.




It covers about 1,1 square meter:). Here is a couple of attempts to get a pic of the whole tent, but its kinda hard as my in-between the old and building the new grow room resulted in a rather small place with very short distance from tent to wall.



They are under 600 watts of quantum board and still stretch. The DBS gained 2,5 cm the last 24 hours, while the OX gave me about 1. Expect stretch to stop shortly but hope for 10 cm more. I am not threading to the screen anymore, let them go straight ut two days a go. Maybe a bit late:)

They are fed with 1200ppm of Superthrive, Aptus Regulator, Canna Rhiziotonic, Carboload, Jungle Juice micro, Big Bud Coco, Advanced N main nutrition for coco (dont remember the name...) and humic acid. Give them CalMag twice a week.

Wish me luck!
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