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two plants wait you to save them + a few useful info from a noob


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Hi.I have been trying to grow mostly indicas (unkown strain) outdoor for the first time since May. The seeds were more than 10 years old. I was able to germinate 20 out of 20 by using wet towels and planted them into 11 liters / 3 gallon pots with using different kinds of soil mixtures like soil+sheep dirt or coco and soil mix. They were all healthy until I nuked them to death with fertilizers in the third week.According to the results indicas are stronger and soil+sheep dirt mix is more resistant to over feeding than coco and soil mix. I could only save seven indicas and one sativa which were later transplanted into my garden where six of them were plowed by my father in law by mistake. While trying to save them from over feeding I postpone separating the two. They are higher than 1 m / 3.2 feet now.
My question is should I separate them by cutting the smaller one or can they both survive? I have concerns about their root health. I wish I had the knowledge before I killed my babies since than I have been surfing on the internet and learnt a lot. Thank you 420 and thank you all in advance.



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i would let them grow together, until you know they are male or female. if the smaller does not get enough, you could bend the tall one and tie it down. good chance the tall one could be a male, keep an eye on it, so it won't pollinate the other plant. when you know the sex, i'd cut the boy at the stump, instead of trying to separate a root-ball. there are some helpful threads found through links in my signature below.

welcome to 420, kameradd :high-five: i like that username

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I say let them be! They look happy and healthy :high-five:
If it's not broke don't fix it :16:
While I believe you can pull them out and replant one without a problem, I think they too far along for that now, and you'd only stress the poor ladies, and they seem to get along with each other !!
I recently seen a video of two monster girls growing in same pot, while I don't recommend that in any way, if the plants don't tell you they're unhappy then leave them at it. You are directly into the ground so there is plenty of space there for both of them :love:
What you can do is probably pull them gently apart with some anchored strings, just for a little more airflow. Other then that, happy growing!!

Don't know if I can post the video here, but if you want I can leave you a pm with it.
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