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Two Rivers Adopts Drug Ordinances


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First-time offenders arrested in Two Rivers for possessing small amounts of marijuana or drug paraphernalia now will be issued a municipal citation rather than a county disorderly conduct citation.

The Two Rivers City Council approved two ordinances to that effect at Monday evening's regular council meeting.

The change means the offender's record now will indicate a drug-related offense, which it didn't with a county disorderly conduct citation, according to City Manager Greg Buckley.

In addition, fines paid for such citations will return to the city of Two Rivers, Buckley said.

The ordinance pertaining to possession of marijuana applies to less than 8 grams, and that ordinance and the one regarding drug paraphernalia apply only to first-time offenders.

People arrested for possession of less than 8 grams of marijuana in the city of Two Rivers are subject to a fine between $50 and $1,000 and suspension of their driver's license for between six months and five years, according to the ordinance.

Those violating the ordinance regarding drug paraphernalia will be subject to a fine between $50 and $500 and loss of their driver's license for between six months and five years.

Two Rivers Police Chief Joseph Collins said some jurisdictions within Manitowoc County have had such ordinances and others have not. He said the police chiefs, sheriff and district attorney are attempting to ensure consistent enforcement in the county.

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