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Two San Diego Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Robbed


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Reports are coming in that two medical marijuana dispensaries in San Diego were robbed this morning of all their belongings by federal agents.

The dispensaries attacked were Green Kross at 3415 Mission Boulevard, Mission Beach and Unified Collective at 2815 Camino Del Rio, San Diego.

Southern California NORML and Americans for Safe Access are reported at the scene. Members of Americans for Safe Access were reported to be "under attack for trespassing" from federal agents who don't want witnesses or protests.

Anakka Hartwell notes that these robberies usually occur on Tuesdays or Thursdays and this is the first Friday raids to her knowledge.

There is speculation the robberies could be in response to a petition to recall San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis.

UPDATE 2:01pm Pacific: Eugene Davidovich reports that Kush Lounge at 789 Sixth Avenue, San Diego was also robbed and 5 arrests occurred at that location. No arrests have yet been confirmed from Green Kross and Unified Collective. Computers, patient records, and medicine were stolen from all three establishments.

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