Two Suspected Cannabis Factories Discovered In A City Suburb


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Around 600 mature cannabis plants and growing equipment were found at a home in Lonsdale Street, Barkerend, on Saturday. A 53-year-old man was arrested and charged.

While officers were searching the address they stopped a car nearby and found a small amount of cannabis.

Two men were arrested and were in custody yesterday.

Police then raided a house in Azealea Court, Barkerend, where they found a cannabis factory being set up.
Equipment, including lights and fans, was discovered, along with a few young cannabis plants.

Sgt Phil Goss said: "The discovery of these two cannabis factories again demonstrates how information provided by the local community is helping us to target illegal drugs.

"Cannabis is a Class C drug and remains illegal.

"You can be arrested for cultivating, supplying or possessing it and can face serious penalties."

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SOURCE: Yorkshire Evening Press
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