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Two teenagers arrested at port with marijuana hidden in cars

Jim Finnel

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EL PASO, Texas (AP) - Two teenagers have been arrested in the last week after customs officials found more than 200 pounds of marijuana hidden in their vehicles at an international crossing from Mexico, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials announced Friday.

A 17-year-old El Paso boy was arrested Jan. 20 after customs agents found 48.3 pounds of marijuana hidden in the bumper of a 1997 Mitsubishi he was driving. And on Wednesday, a 16-year-old boy from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, across the Rio Grande from El Paso, was arrested when agents found 164 pounds of marijuana hidden in the rear quarter panels of a Chevrolet Avalanche he was driving. Both teenagers were entering El Paso from Mexico when they were arrested.

Both teenagers, who were not identified by customs officials, were turned over to the El Paso Police Department for prosecution.


Happy Kitty

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They're underage, they won't be there long.

Whoever sent them there, knew the score.

No way kids that age could buy that much pot.


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Everytime I visit visit my sister in Arizona I have to go through a border patrol checkpoint on I-10. I'm always shittin' bricks the whole way through. I'm never carrying hundreds of pounds or anything, but as far as I'm concerned, getting busted for an oz or whatever I happen to have is bad enough. I think they're mostly looking for illegals, they usually just wave us through without stopping. It's still a little unsettling though.

I Smoke 420

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I know what you mean we used to visit my grandma in Phoenix Arizona before she passed away, and we drove her car to San Diego one time and we had to have gone through at least two border patrol stations that i remember.
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