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Two Wedding Cake Crosses, A Purp#1 & A Below Average Grower


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Great pictures! Looking frosty in there.
Thanks a lot, my friend.

Im very happy with how it turned out as I missed totally with the shaping, which started to fight with the stretch, I have struggled with way to high humidity in the 60s and 70ies all the way, way tohigh night temps in the high 20ies during the 3 first week of flower and I overfed them pretty bad....

I am pretty sure that these genetics can yield really well and pack lots more frost when I get em dialed in. Got 1 clone of the most frosty Nila Wafers, one of the Sundae Driver leaning Wafer and 2 of the big momma yielder of the Banana Cake + one OOKB * Cactus from seed going on in the veg tent as we speak.

The main room is at day 55 now and I will start flushing within a few days. Currently feeding light (700ppm) with Overdrive, Budfactor X, Cannazym, Carbs and Mother Earth super tea.
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