Twox - Birthday Cake - Purple Urkle - BlackBerry - A Reveg & More

Well, it's late, I'm bored and I figured I could post some pics of what I smoked today. I usually pop pics when I smoke and I think I'll start posting them when I'm bored
This is a nug of Lemon Og... she was a strange bud. When I first dried her I swear I could smell maple. She seems to have lost that smell and has a strange pungent flavor. Semi sweet and still sticky. She's got a ok stone, definetly not my favorite. Kinda heady, kinda body, kinda lazy.. she's aight. I don't know why but her calyxs are wide open, kinda weird... smokes smooth and came through on the taste.. And yes, I smoked this whole nug today...





Here's some Vcog13... I harvested this plant and hooked up the fam and I don't have much left. She came out amazing though. Not really the frostiest strain I have but she has that indica Stine that puts you on your ass.... Everybody who smokes it comments on the strength. She came out with some smaller than expected nugs from my reveg but she still dense and tasty.. The taste came out a little different this run and I really happy with the results. She reeks and tastes like sweet berries, sweeter than my blackberrys which is pretty amazing. I have a batch of six going in once these damn Orkas finish. They will be going 9 weeks now because they are just not ready yet.. I smoked some of this Vcog13 today but not all if it..... I gotta make what I have last for another 2 weeks....



Thanx MagicJim, these are my first attempts at concentrates and I have another batch coming soon.

Update, Everything's going peachy except the Orkas because they need another week which kinda messes up my rotation but it should be worth it. I did cut the one Orka yesterday because she looked kinda ready, I'll post pics of the chop tommorow..


Purple Urkle doing her thing, nothing exciting yet..,


Birthday Cake at 23 days flowering. This was a few days ago and she's hopefully going to be real frosty. She getting big fast and her immature nugs are looking like they're going to be fat.... looking at these pics is shocking because I saw her a moment ago and she's much fatter..





Some more Iso hash I made from some fresh popcorn off one of my Orkas. It came out with a milk chocolate type color and I have no idea why.... super tasty though..


4 purple Urkle clones about to be transplanted

My stuffed Veg tent
Orka chop....

Well, I cut Orka #5 a few days ago and here are the pics of her before the chop. After getting g my hands on this plant I realized she wasn't just Orka. I thought the few seeds I found in my last Orka were due to light leaks but this has the viper cookie smell coming off her buds real bad. Turned out to be a good cross, super dank and different smelling. Not one seed found on #5 so I might keep her. Kinda shocked that a hermie plant Pollenated a stable plant and made a stable seed.. I've always been under the impression that all the seeds would be hermie.. The smell is amazing and sweet and doesn't smell like weed.

Whole plant pic

She was braced up against the tent while she was growing and she feel over when I took her out. She grew up with no bamboo supports and the support you see was added on harvested day. Kinda shocked all the branches didn't break.

And...... the money shots
I can't sleep so i thought I would do a little product review. Had a friend suprise me with a vape cartridge from the club so I thought I would give it a shot. I usually prefer wax or shatter but this was new to me. I suppose it's a co2 oil and I wasn't familiar with it at all so j gave it a good hit and I was a instant fan.. The terps in this thing are freaking amazing. So strong flavored with a nice sting.. It was strong too, a couple good hits and I'm good to go. The strain used was train wreck and it tastes way better than any trainwreck I've ever had. Super fruity and a little piney, it kinda reminded me of the pineapple xxl blunt wraps (wet mango is my favorite so far). I let a few other people hit it and they were blown away by the taste too.. Good stuff and highly recommend. Can't wait to get my hands on another one..

I wish I could get some accidental seeds lol

That Trainwreck oil looks pretty good. I have had C02 stuff in catridges like that, I didn't really like the taste of the kind I had but it was something entirely different, like Maui Wowie or something like that.
trust me... you don't want the seeds.. after you do every freakin calyx looks like a seed. I find myself poking them to see if they feel empty... Looking back at it now I'm kinda poking my buds with a stick all day like I have OCD or something... You'll also spend hours searching for nanners because your worried about those damn seeds.... I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, it's exhausting and traumatic.. lol

Your the third person I've had mention that the co2 cartridge they had wasn't that good... I think I just got lucky..
Birthday cake update,... day 30 F

She's growing and she's getting frosty. She seems to be developing faster than the rest of the ladies this cycle. Her buds are actually looking like buds and not fuzzy balls like the rest. She has really thin stems still and would not survive if she's not braced up. She stretched a lot and is kinda too close to the light so that way her tops are bent sideways. She has some clawing going on with her leaves due to the light being close but she's taking it like a champ. I got a good wiff of her and she has the baked cookie smell and a sweet cherry undertone..... kinda like cake.. The name makes a little more sense now. I have for clones of her at the moment so I think I'll run 3 more my next run.

Flowering update

Well, we're getting close. The last 4 Orka crosses are coming down in three days and getting replaced with 6 VC og13. Everything else shown is day 30 of flowering. After the VC og13 I'm going to lower my plant count to 9 and up my pot size to 3 gallons..

Blackberry og... She's looking good and smelling like the last batch. Much bigger this time around so I should get a better yeild. This is the strain I used for my 2016 Sept nug of the month



A little teaser shot of the Orka cross top.. lookin tasty

Canopy shot of the 4 almost done

2x Vcog13... These were a replacement for two plants I didn't like. The didn't get much of a veg time so they have single tops with a little side branching..


Purple Urkle being not purple.... She's growing and she looks as if she's going to give me some dense nugs. Yeild my be low and she is the smallest plant in the tent this run but she vegged slow with a nice mild stretch...




Final canopy shot
Got some great looking strains! Wish i could get a rotation going like that, never seems to work out for me
thanx, I still feel kinda new at this but I like trying new strains and have a huge list of strains to grow. I like them to be tasty so that's what I've kinda been focused on. I just started growing perpetual and it's got a rotation, it's just not very smooth yet.. I still need to get my timing down.. Thanx for checking out the journal, gets lonely sometimes...
Hey twox what other strains are you interested in growing?
I'm trying to stay away ftom Sativa strains but there still a few on my list.. I really want a Tangie cross.. Moxie has a gogi x tangie I really want to try. Exotic Genetix also has some cali o crosses I'm Interested in. Im also wanting either a blue berry or a blue berry cross,,... lots of fond memories puffing blueberry when I was young.. That's why I'm growing the Urkle, it's probably been about 15 years since I've had some urks....
Orka cross from personal stash... These buds smell really really good. She has strong orka smell and a nice mix on the smoke.. super stinky and very unique. Really fresh almost mint flavored but really sweet with the stanky taste of some viper cookies. Can't wait to cut the next 4 and taste the difference...






Wow, that was a ton of work. To keep my rotation going I had 2 days to get everything done. I chopped and trimmed most of the orka, I moved the six from my veg to my flowering tent, transplanted my clones and cleaned my tents. Everything is done and drying and the tents are full again.

Here are the 4 different Orka crosses. I'm looking for a favorite or two and I don't think I can make that decision without smoking them so here are some pics... enjoy













Here's my drying tub. It's hooked to my tents ventilation system and I keep that going for two days and then I switch tops to a sealed lid to finish drying..




While everything is drying I think I'll make some iso hash from the fresh trim..
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