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Nug of the Month: Sept 2016, Feb 2017
Welcome to Twox's very first Trichome adventure. I started this journey due to a shotage and the quality of medicine i was getting. I never thought i would ever grow my own but times are changing and i want something that's been handled with love and care. I started about 6 to 7 months ago when I started studying the art of growing cannabis all i can say is Wow... what a undertaking. I definetly felt overwhelmed at first but after a few months of reading and deciding where to start I felt comfortable enough to start buying the gear I needed to start this grow. I poped my beans, studied my issues and today Im proud to say I'm 46 days in to flower with 2 to 3 weeks left. I wanted to start this journal earlier but didn't want to show of the abuse I might cause these plants. Know that I'm confident that I'll have a harvest I wanted to share what I've learned with other new growers. After getting a feel for the different communities I really liked the attitudes of the 420 magazine users and joined.

What strain is it?
Moxie Lemon Og, Moxie Viper Cookies(1 cookie pheno, 1 OG pheno), Humboldt Seeds Bubba's Gift all from seed

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?
The Moxie genetics are both hybrids. There wasn't any percentages given by the breeder but I'm guessing the Lemon OG is 50/50. The Viper cookies is obviously Indica dominant. Bubba's gift is almost pure Indica

Vegged under a 4 4ft bulb T5 for 2 months and they have all been in flowering for 6 weeks (almost 7) under a 600 watt Hotilux using a Galaxy balast and 6in air cooled Blockbuster hood
I'm growing indoors with a 4x4 Virtual Sun tent in 3 gallon pots using Foxfarms happy frog soil. No soil amendments were added

The tent is using a passive intake powered by a 6in hydrofarm inline fan with a Black ops carbon filter. The tent Temps average about 65/70 with lights off but have dipped in the low 60's high 50's. Light on Temps are about 77/84. 84 is the max temp I've reached during flowering. Usually hovers at 81 degrees. Humidity stays between 35/45rh. I'm using two oscillating fans for air movement inside the tent. The few times I ph tested run off I was sitting at 6.5.

Any Pests ?
Yes, cats and whiteflies. The cats seem to like to chew on the leaves every chance they get (which has only happened twice when he snuck in to my grow room). They also like to climb and claw at the tent which caused pinholes all over one side that has been patched up with small squares of tape. Thanx a lot Roxie and Edward.
The whiteflies came in through the window since I leave it open to cool my grow. At first I would notice them on the outside of my tent. I added filters to the intakes but they still decided to break in and begin there process of harassing my plants. I used a all natural product to spray the plants with and almost killed the plants. I should have researched the product first and learned my lesson the hard way. I thought I killed them but they showed up again about 3 weeks in to flower. Since then i have been looking over the plants daily killing the one or two I find by hand. I've also started using yellow sticky traps but I haven't caught anything with them yet.

How often are you watering?
Once every 2 days. If I wait a third day they start drooping really bad. I was feeding every watering until they got too thirsty and now I'm feeding every other watering. The nutrients are out of General Organics Go Box with Earthjuice molasses and a little super thrive during veg. I followed the feeding scheduel on the back of the box with a few adjustments during flower.

This is a pic of day 1 in the tent
more pics coming soon


Nug of the Month: Sept 2016, Feb 2017
Day 45 of the Viper cookie (Cookie pheno) This is hands down my frostiest plant. She almost died at a young age but came back with a vengeance. She use to be my shortest plant and she was transplanted the day of flowering. She is the only plant ti not show any nitrogen deficiencys but she took the longest to transition in to her flowering phase. I never topped this plant but when she was on her death bed she started sprouting new growth. So far she is my favorite plant and I might attempt a reveg.






Nug of the Month: Sept 2016, Feb 2017
Day 45 of flower with Bubba's Gift. She seems like she is having some issues at the end of her life. Lots of yellow crunchy leaves that don't want to fall of yet. She seems to be using them still because the leaf stem is still strong and not falling off the plant yet. She is supposed to be a 45 day strain but she is still swelling with no sign of amber trics. I'm going to feed her tonight and start flushing next week. She's smells so good though. I hope she smokes like she smells.









Nug of the Month: Sept 2016, Feb 2017
Day 52. Things are progressing nicely. I think bubba was having a deficiency issue during late flower because almost all the upper fan leaves are deadish. They are yellow and crunchy with healthly stems. If it's just the plant devouring any nitrogen left then she is much hungrier than I thought. The Sugar leaves are still green or purple so im not to worried. She is supposed to be a 7 week strain but I think I'll let her go 9 or 10 weeks if she can make it with the fan leaves she has left. Lots of new bud growth in the last week so I'm glad I didn't cut her early. The buds have grown about 25% larger and packed on a few trichomes but they are still all milky with no amber. Hairs are about 25% red due to the new growth. She reeks of grape and kush.





Nug of the Month: Sept 2016, Feb 2017
Day 52. Moxie Lemon Og. I really liked growing this plant. Stems are nice and strong and are holding up all that weight nicely. She keeps getting fatter by the day and I would like to let her go for 10 weeks. Her leaves are holding up well she I know she can make it 10 if needed. This will be my highest yielding plant and I'm guessing 3 to 4 ounces. Lots of fluffy under growth that I'm not to happy about. I know that I let these ladies get to tall before flowering and I will adjust my training and veg time on my next grow. Until then I'm thinking of adding my t5 or a large cfl under the canopy. I found some seeds growing on the tops of the cola a few days ago and searched over the ladies for 3 days to find the damage and the cause. No signs of seeds on the other 3 plants and I couldn't find a male banana to save my life. It's like looking for a needle in a hay stack. I'm guessing the bananas showed up weeks ago and have since been buried in growth. The pods are broken open exposing a green seed on the very tips. I tried to capture them in the photos.





Nug of the Month: Sept 2016, Feb 2017
Day 52 Moxie Viper Cookies. ( odd cookie/ og pheno ). Not to sure about this one. The only og traits I'm seeing is the plants branching and shape. The branches are to thin for the buds she's producing and she's having a hard time holding them up by her self. I tied up the leaning branches and braced it as best as I could. The buds she's growing don't really have any og traits. They are rock hard and indica dominant with less Trichome production than the cookie dominant pheno with weak under growth. The buds smell fantastic though and I'm sure they will smoke well.





Nug of the Month: Sept 2016, Feb 2017
Day 52 Viper Cookie (Cookie pheno) She is definitely Cookie dominant. Her small, dense and frosty colas along with her node spacing give her dominant traits away. Finally getting some yellowing on the lower fan leaves and her pistols are starting to change color. Under all those trichomes is a rock hard purple bud with dense lower growth .I didn't lst these colas which I think helped the lower budding spots. She has strong major branching for the colas but side growth seems a little week and needed to be held up with bracing. She is still looking like she will be the lowest yielder but I have this funny feeling she might suprise me. After my next feeding I'll proably start giving them plain H2O.

Canopy pic: Bottom left, Bubba's Gift. Bottom right, Lemon OG. Top right, Viper cookies. Top left, Viper Cookies (Cookie Pheno)





Nug of the Month: Sept 2016, Feb 2017
Day 55 flower. Took some pics last night when I watered and a few cam out good. I'm hitting that 8 week mark and Bubba is done while the others all have a week or 2 left. Bubba will get cut down in 7 days and the rest while be about 14 or less. I'm really excited to be finishing up my first grow. I'm still deciding if I should dry them in the tent, a cardboard box or a plastic tub. I'm a little worried about the drying process and I hope it doesn't come out smelling like hay. I bought some humidity gauges from the pet store and another digital thermometer so I'm hoping all goes well. Im looking forward to posting some harvest pics and plan to post my post harvest results.





Nug of the Month: Sept 2016, Feb 2017
Day 57 of flowering. I came home from work to the smell of my grow tent. I'm exhausting out a open window so I'm sure the exhaust can come back in but the carbon filter should be killing the smell. I installed a brand new carbon filter the day I started flowering so I hope it's a exhaust leak between the inline fan and the filter. I plan on fixing that tomorrow. I plan on harvesting Bubba in 5 days and I'm excited to get some pics in natural light.

Viper Cookies undergrowth looking frosty


Lemon og


Nug of the Month: Sept 2016, Feb 2017
Day 59.. No amber trichomes yet... unless I'm blind they are not there yet. Bubba's gift isn't looking to hot and I've been flushing Her for almost a week now. She's coming down on the 3rd unless I think she can make it longer. I need to focus on a few things for my next grow.. I'm going to try a shorter veg and I'll top them sooner than I did this time. I need to focus on keeping them healthy a little longer too due to none of them looking done after 8 weeks. I cut back on nutes weeks ago and wish I would have kept feeding them longer. They definetly need more nitrogen than they got this round so I'll probably keep giving grow nutes a few weeks into blooming. I also noticed that the plant I transplanted the day of flowering looks the healthiest this far into the flowering phase. I think I'll start flowering a week after my transplants next round. Unknown strains will receive bamboo poles during the final transplant from now on. One of my viper cookies could have really used those poles this grow and I was a little fearful that I would damage the roots if I stabbed them into the soil. Speaking of soil, sticking my finger into the soil to check the moisture is pointless since my finger just jams into the root ball now. They are all really thirsty and they drank 3 gallons of water today up from 2 to 2 and a half gallons.

Bubba's gift almost finshed. 59 days on a 49 day strain. I think I found a banana on her yesterday. After I pulled it out I think it might have just been a new pistol.


Lemon og looking good and ripening. Not much new growth except those two seeds on the tip of my cola. Definetly irratating.


Viper cookies.. looks ok I guess.. not really impressed with this plant. Buds are solid and smell sweet but ther definitely not as frosty as the other pheno. Unless they taste amazing and blow me away I will not try a reveg

This pheno of the Viper cookies looks fantastic, looks healthy and the Trichome development is amazing. Still doesn't look like she will yield much but she is going to be a great smoke... I hope

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